How To Translate A Film Into Russian

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How To Translate A Film Into Russian
How To Translate A Film Into Russian

Video: How To Translate A Film Into Russian

Video: How To Translate A Film Into Russian
Video: Learn Russian through Movies (slow Russian with subtitles) / Russian Language 2023, June

To translate a film into Russian, you need to know and understand the original language of the film. At the same time, it does not matter what he is: English, German, Italian, etc. You cannot do without knowledge of the language. You also need a little patience, diligence, and the film will be translated into Russian.

How to translate a film into Russian
How to translate a film into Russian

It is necessary

  • - a film in the original language;
  • - subtitles;
  • - film script;
  • - vocabulary;
  • - grammar reference;
  • - pencil, paper.


Step 1

For translation into Russian for the first time, select a picture with existing subtitles in the original language. This way you can learn how to correctly recognize the individual words that are pronounced by the actors. It's no secret that native speakers speak quite quickly, so it can be difficult for a beginner to literally understand what the film is talking about.

Step 2

Translate words using a dictionary. You can also use online translators, but not for whole sentences. Dictionaries on the Internet can help reduce time, but they do not always provide a complete list of the meanings of any word. If in doubt, check your regular dictionary.

Step 3

In films, characters can talk about incidents that have already happened, are happening or are happening now. There are numerous temporal turns depending on the language. Be sure to keep a grammar reference handy to avoid absurdities when translating a film into Russian.

Step 4

Be careful when transferring any abbreviations into Russian. For example, in existing translations of the American television series The Mentalist, the agency where the protagonists work is translated differently. In the official version - KBR, in the amateur translation - CBI. The correct option is the California Bureau of Investigation, which is spelled “CBI”. The second option is not a translation, it is just a listing of letters that does not tell the viewer anything. Try to recognize and understand such subtle points in the transfer of names.

Step 5

Also, difficulties can arise when translating names. From the very beginning, write down the names of the main characters on a separate sheet and transliterate into Russian. Make sure that the translated names correspond to the time, origin, nationality of the heroes. For example, in the official version of the translation of the Turkish television series The Magnificent Century, the name of one of the heroes who came from Crimea sounds like Luka, which fully corresponds to all parameters. In amateur translation, they began to call him "Leo". This name was not typical for Crimea either in those days or now. Therefore, the phrase "Leo from Crimea" sounds a little absurd.

Step 6

Each language has its own proverbs, sayings, idioms of a kind. They are translated "together", and not by words. Therefore, if the translation of any phrase "does not stick", check with a special dictionary or reference book.

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