How To Get Into The "Field Of Miracles" Program

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How To Get Into The "Field Of Miracles" Program
How To Get Into The "Field Of Miracles" Program

Video: How To Get Into The "Field Of Miracles" Program

Video: How To Get Into The "Field Of Miracles" Program
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For more than twenty years, one of the first programs of the VID TV company continues, like a magnet, to attract viewers from all over the territory of the former Soviet Union to TV screens. For more than twenty years now, predominantly mustachioed men have been guessing words that can be guessed by letters, having received mountains of prizes for this. And all this time, the audience has one and the same question: how to get into the number of participants in this magical action? It turns out to be simple.

How to get into the program
How to get into the program

It is necessary

  • - explanatory, spelling dictionaries;
  • - the presence of imagination, a hobby;
  • - handy tools;
  • - access to the Internet.


Step 1

The program "Field of Miracles" was first aired on the Central Television of the USSR State Radio and Television in the distant 1990. It was then that the first host of the program, Vladislav Listyev, voiced the requirements for future participants: send a crossword puzzle. It would seem that it could not be easier, but to this day the editors of the "Field of Miracles" receive up to 60 thousand letters with crosswords a day - they will have to try. According to the participants of the program, the dictionary has always been and always will be the main weapon of the crossword writer. Arm yourself with an encyclopedic dictionary, reference book, another reference book and decide on the topic of the crossword puzzle. Please note that there may be several topics and crosswords themselves.

Step 2

The crossword puzzle is the main advantage of the participant in the "Field of Miracles". If you have watched the program at least once, then you probably remembered how the oil painting on which the artist depicted the actual crossword puzzle, then a huge boulder with black and white squares carved on it, then a roll of toilet paper is brought into the famous studio … These are examples to follow, which means it's time to turn on imagination to the fullest. Ideally, it is necessary to come up with a telegenic crossword puzzle, the execution of which has not yet been made. Such a crossword puzzle can decorate the program, which means that its creator is guaranteed to become a participant.

Step 3

If the crossword puzzle is invented, a hobby or favorite work will help to bring it to life. Are you a tenth grade milling machine? Cut the crossword puzzle on your CEO's fountain pen! Director of a stone souvenir company? Smash the square in the form of a crossword puzzle and present it to your beloved Leonid Arkadyevich! City morgue worker? It looks like the Poor Yorick joke has already been on the show. Or maybe the curator of a museum of technology from the Second World War? You can be sure: piece goods like the T-34 tank, completely covered with the pattern of your crossword puzzle, is a straight road for Yakubovich's drum. But remember: you can't repeat yourself. Unfortunately, the keeper of the traditions of the capital show will not be able to say what kind of crosswords have already entered the "Field of Miracles".

Step 4

When creating a crossword puzzle, do not forget to also make a questionnaire about yourself. The questionnaire should be no more than one sheet, but you have to tell everything about yourself: name, place of residence, whether the child will be with you at the drum, what educational institution you graduated from, who you work for, whether you have titles and awards, how you like to relax, and so on. Please note: Channel One does not need dullness and mediocrity.

Step 5

So, you drew a crossword puzzle on the sail of a three-centimeter model of a three-masted karakka of the nao type (and what it is, the encyclopedic dictionary helped you to find out) in a bottle. Feel free to send your creation and questionnaire to the address: 127427, Russia, Moscow, Akademika Koroleva Street, 12, "Field of Miracles" program. Some experts also recommend putting the mark "DHRPP" on the envelope, that is, "directorate of art, entertainment and educational programs." Do not forget to ask the postal service for a delivery notice for your package. Say goodbye to your crossword puzzle. Most likely, now you will see it only once - when Leonid Yakubovich will demonstrate this work of art in front of television cameras.

Step 6

If you are nevertheless chosen to be a participant in the capital show "Field of Miracles", an urgent telegram will be sent to you within four to five weeks, to which you will have to answer immediately. After confirming your participation, you will receive details: where, when and how the next program will be filmed.

Step 7

Each participant will have to travel to and from Moscow at their own expense. As a rule, the filming of the program lasts from three hours to three days, all this time the participants will have to live in Moscow, again, at their own expense. This time can be spent on solving crossword puzzles and reading - who knows what Yakubovich might ask exactly on your round of the game.

Step 8

And for those who do not believe in themselves or the Russian Post, there is another way to get on the program - to fill out a special form on the First Channel website ( In this case, you will not have to compose a crossword puzzle, however, the chances that you will become a participant in the game are much less.

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