Actress Cameron Diaz: Biography, Films, Personal Life

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Actress Cameron Diaz: Biography, Films, Personal Life
Actress Cameron Diaz: Biography, Films, Personal Life

Video: Actress Cameron Diaz: Biography, Films, Personal Life

Video: Actress Cameron Diaz: Biography, Films, Personal Life
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Actress Cameron Diaz is now known to many. She is called a very charming and talented woman. But not everyone knows that the girl did not always want to become an actress. She had completely different plans for life.

Actress Cameron Diaz
Actress Cameron Diaz


As a child, the baby was a real bully. Together with her older sister, she listened to heavy music, cursed, even could get into a fight.

At that time, the girl did not even think about an acting career. She planned to become a zoologist, but everything changed at her sixteen years. The girl was noticed by Jeff Dunasse, the photographer offered to work as a model. Cameron agreed, and the first commercials began filming. The girl's face began to flicker more and more on the covers of various glossy publications.

Work as an actress

The film career began just as unexpectedly. Diaz found the script for The Mask from her manager. The girl did not think for a very long time, deciding to go to the casting. There were 12 auditions ahead of her. Surprisingly, after them, the girl was approved for the role, although she had no previous experience of filming in films.

After The Mask was the comedy The Last Supper. But Cameron wanted to play a serious role. She did it in 1996, starring in "Feeling Minnesota." Then there was the film "My Best Friend's Wedding", where Julia Roberts was filmed, so Diaz was, rather, in the background there. But in 1998 there was a movie "Everybody is crazy about Mary." The number of the girl's fans increased every day.

The girl is also remembered for the role of one of the three angels Charlie. There were many episodic roles. And the release of the picture "Vanilla Sky" ensured guaranteed success for all the actor who played in it. After “Once Upon a Time in Vegas,” everyone was only once again convinced that the girl is a truly talented actress.

It is worth noting that Cameron voiced Fiona in popular Shrek cartoons. She really liked this business. According to the girl, you don't have to tidy yourself up, worry about the outfit.

Personal life

All fans are interested in how the famous beauty lives. At the same time, the girl does not make any secret from her life: she purchases in ordinary stores, does not drive in the most expensive car.

For three years she had a relationship with Matt Dillon, a year later she struck up love with Jared Leto, but only lasted three years. The same amount was dedicated to Justin Timberlake, only for marriage and children did not reach. On the eve of the wedding, their separation was announced. It took Cameron a year to recover from that and start dating Paul Scalfour. Only this relationship did not work out.

In 2015, the actress got married to Benji Madden, a rock musician. The wedding was a secret and everyone found out about it much later. She was only for the couple themselves and the closest people. The couple tried to get pregnant, despite the fact that the actress had previously said that she was not ready for such responsibility. But the family did not succeed. In 2018, there is talk that the woman managed to get pregnant with IVF.

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