Carolina Costner: Biography, Career And Personal Life

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Carolina Costner: Biography, Career And Personal Life
Carolina Costner: Biography, Career And Personal Life

Video: Carolina Costner: Biography, Career And Personal Life

Video: Carolina Costner: Biography, Career And Personal Life
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They say that talent is "a little bit." There is a little more something in a person than in others, and he is already creating unimaginable things. This "little bit" is in the famous figure skater Carolina Costner. It is a pleasure to watch her performances.

Carolina Costner: biography, career and personal life
Carolina Costner: biography, career and personal life


Carolina Costner was born in 1987 in Italy. Her future was predetermined by being born into a sports family - her dad played for the Italian national hockey team, her mother danced on the ice, and the famous aunt Isolde Costner won Olympic medals in alpine skiing.

Becoming a skater

Carolina started skating at the age of four, and still does not part with them. At first, she trained in Italy, then moved to Germany to the famous trainer Mikael Hut.

Carolina changed coaches several times in her career, moving from country to country. Now Kostner trains with Alexei Mishin, a famous Russian mentor who raised a galaxy of wonderful skaters, including Evgeni Plushenko.

Victories and defeats

Carolina Costner is a nine-time Italian champion, five-time European champion, world champion and Olympic medalist. The track record is impressive, especially considering the fact that Carolina has been successfully competing for a long time with young girls who find everything easier due to their age.

But Carolina Costner is a person. And that means a lot in figure skating. She knows how to overcome crises, annoying falls, disqualification, injuries and other life difficulties. Costner not only did not break, but continues to hold the high sports bar. Carolina has her own style of skating, she is very musical, her performances always evoke a storm of emotions. She is an ice artist.

Personal life

Carolina Costner's personal life has long been a role model for many Italian girls. Carolina met with athlete Alex Schwarzer, and the young people gave the impression of a very happy couple.

But thunder struck unexpectedly. One day, Carolina received a call from the anti-doping committee and asked about the whereabouts of Schwarzer. Alex was next to Caroline and asked the girl to say that he was not here. The girl lied to the anti-doping service, for which she later paid dearly.

Soon, Alex Schwarzer was disqualified for the use of illegal drugs, but the disqualification also affected Carolina. She was suspended from the competition for two years for harboring an intruder. The laws of sports are harsh.

Carolina suddenly lost her beloved work of life and loved one. Alex Schwarzer accused his girlfriend of intentional harboring. But difficulties did not break the skater's cheerful disposition, and she continued to train. And soon she returned to the ice - and very successfully.

Only now, nothing else is known about Carolina's personal life. Most likely, she moved away from men, having survived the betrayal.