Dagestan Wedding: Customs And Traditions

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Dagestan Wedding: Customs And Traditions
Dagestan Wedding: Customs And Traditions

Video: Dagestan Wedding: Customs And Traditions

Video: Dagestan Wedding: Customs And Traditions

A wedding is a special event in a person's life, and each nation has its own customs and traditions in holding this celebration. In Dagestan, a wedding is a real holiday that is celebrated on a grand scale and, of course, observing important elements of its specifics.

Dagestan wedding: customs and traditions
Dagestan wedding: customs and traditions

Important features

The wedding customs of the Dagestani people are closely intertwined with their national culture. Among the characteristic traditions of the Dagestan wedding are:

… The holiday is held for two days, the first time at the bride's house, and the second at the groom's house. It is important that the days of celebration do not go on in a row, but with a break of seven days.

… In Dagestan, one cannot marry on the birthdays of the future husband and wife, on the birthdays of their parents and on religious occasions of the Islamic religion.

The bride and groom, together with their parents, decide for themselves what they want: a quiet, calm holiday with a taboo on alcohol or a fun wind-up party with a classic set of entertainment drinks.

Despite the type of wedding, at least three hundred guests must be present, but their number is usually no more than one and a half thousand. Every resident of the city where the newlyweds live should appear at the celebration at least for a short time as a sign of respect.

five). Theft of a bride is not practiced everywhere at modern Dagestan weddings, but if the parents do not give their blessing, then the groom has no choice but to steal their daughter so that she can spend the night in his house. Since such a phenomenon entails shame for the girl, the wedding is destined to take place.

6) The matchmaking procedure takes place in the evening by the visit of the groom's parents to the bride's house, where she is presented with various gifts. At the same time, they try not to disclose the very fact of such a visit, and the process itself takes place in a close circle only with the closest relatives of the bride.

As soon as a child is born in a Dagestan family, the family's money begins to be put aside for his wedding, so such events are always magnificent and expensive.

eight). On the first day of the wedding celebration, which takes place at the bride's house, her girlfriends mourn her, because the departure of the bride to the groom's house is considered to be a sad situation for them;

nine). It is noteworthy that when a friend gets married, his comrades are engaged in shooting, because such an activity helps to make a young family happy and ward off troubles from her.

This process is especially surprising at a Dagestan wedding, it is an obligatory component of it. First, around the bride, the invited men dance lezginka and throw money on the floor, which the bridesmaid collects. Aravul (the one who starts dancing at a wedding) heralds the beginning of dancing for men, but the invited women go out to dance only after the dance is performed by the groom's sister.

11) Outfit. It is customary for a woman to dress gracefully and beautifully for a wedding, in a long dress, a veil is not worn on her head. A man wears an ordinary costume, but during the dance he must wear a folk headdress - a hat.

12) As soon as the bride enters the groom's house, his mother will hand her a bowl of honey, so that after tasting it, the bride's family life becomes sweet and smooth.

What happens after the celebration

In the first days after the wedding, guests continue to come to the newlyweds' house, congratulating them on the joyful event, while the owners of the house always undertake to let them in and pay due attention. The next day after the last day of the wedding, a scarf is removed from the bride, if she was wearing it, since in modern times its presence on the bride is no longer a prerequisite. Divorces in Dagestan are a very rare occurrence, therefore, after the wedding, the newlyweds live in perfect harmony, without thinking about the correct choice of their partner.

It is difficult to convey in words the process of a Dagestan wedding, since the scale and chic that accompanies it is extremely amazing, and in order to plunge into the customs and traditions of weddings for this nationality, it is best to attend this celebration at least once and see everything with your own eyes.