In Which City Of Russia Is It Better To Move To Live From Moscow

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In Which City Of Russia Is It Better To Move To Live From Moscow
In Which City Of Russia Is It Better To Move To Live From Moscow

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If you feel that Moscow is boring you, and today is similar to the previous one, since the daily route is limited to work and home, then you need to change the environment. Vacation is unlikely to help here, because after its end, the depression will only intensify. It's time to think about moving to another city.

Which city of Russia is better to move from Moscow
Which city of Russia is better to move from Moscow

First you need to find out what does not suit you in Moscow, what circumstances oppress you. It is advisable to make a list of what you do not want to see in your new place of residence. According to numerous sociological surveys and ratings of the RBC company and according to the Urbanica Institute for Social Planning, the residents of the capital are not satisfied with:

- unfavorable ecological situation;

- high traffic flow;

- high housing prices.

However, the ratings show the opinion of the majority, and you personally will have to move. Therefore, it will be necessary to make a personal rating of Moscow's shortcomings. It is advisable to prioritize in order - important aspects at the beginning, the rest at the end.

Moving from Moscow: climatic conditions

Thinking about your health and the health of your children, willy-nilly, you put ecology in the first place. Most likely you will want to live in a warm climate among trees and lakes, breathe clean air and be able to travel to nature and the sea.

If the ecological situation in Moscow depresses you the most, then the south of Russia will be the ideal place to live. One of the dynamically and steadily developing regions of our country is the Krasnodar Territory. For five years, Krasnodar has been at the top of the well-being ratings among Russian cities, as well as the first place among cities with favorable conditions for business development. This region is good because you can choose both large cities and small villages as a place of residence. The advantages include the maximum number of sunny days per year and the proximity to the sea, which is only a few hours away. You can laze on the seashore not a couple of times a year, but every weekend. Also, the maximum number of types of vegetables and fruits grows here, and the harvest is taken twice a year.

Moving from Moscow: high traffic flow, gas pollution and traffic jams

It is only to the ignorant that this item on the list of main shortcomings will seem insignificant. Just what are the data of the world ranking of cities with the worst conditions on the road for 2010, according to which Moscow takes the "honorable" fourth place. It is unlikely that the situation has changed dramatically over several years and, most likely, will not change in the near future.

Moving from Moscow: high housing prices

To estimate the cost of buying a home and renting it in a particular city in Russia, you can refer to the websites of real estate agencies or to the same ratings. According to the latest official data, the average price per m2 at the end of February 2013 in the city of Moscow amounted to 200 thousand rubles. - this is the first place in the table. The second place went to St. Petersburg (99,884 rubles) and the Moscow region (84,616 rubles). This is followed by Khabarovsk (74,875 rubles), Sochi (74,331 rubles) and Yekaterinburg (70,455 rubles). The above-mentioned Krasnodar Territory with its regional center took 25th place - the cost of housing is 47,926 rubles. per m2.

According to the prevailing conditions, regional and regional centers are leading in terms of the cost of housing in their regions, and then in decline from medium-sized cities to small ones. Of course, in comparison with Moscow, residents of the capital will be pleased with the cost of housing in any regional city.

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