How To Get A Job As A Volunteer

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How To Get A Job As A Volunteer
How To Get A Job As A Volunteer

Video: How To Get A Job As A Volunteer

Video: How To Get A Job As A Volunteer
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Volunteers are people who do charity work. They work on a gratuitous basis, and the range of their activities is extremely wide. Olympics, international charities and foundations, retirement homes, hospices and shelters, recreational events and urban beautification programs - hands are required everywhere. Do you also want to join the volunteer movement?

How to get a job as a volunteer
How to get a job as a volunteer


Step 1

Choose a field of activity. You can join a volunteer organization in your city, find an all-Russian or even international program. Work in a field that you care about. Helping the elderly, children, disabled people, caring for stray animals, restoration work, greening the streets, protecting the environment, helping health workers, promoting a healthy lifestyle - anyone can find suitable options.

Step 2

Are you interested in caring for the future of the planet? Refer to the programs of the organization "Greenpeace". For details, visit Residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg can join the working groups, other citizens participate in the work interactively. To register, you need to send an application and after its approval, you can consider yourself a member of the team. Volunteers organize garbage collection campaigns, conduct environmental seminars and trainings, extinguish forest fires and collect signatures for appeals to government officials.

Step 3

Are you not indifferent to the fate of children, old people, disabled people and socially disadvantaged citizens? You can find out exactly who needs your help in the social work department of your city hall. Contact them in person or by phone, you will be offered the addresses of local volunteer organizations. To join volunteers, it is enough to pass an oral interview, after which you will be offered participation in one of the programs. You can limit yourself to one short-term project or partner with volunteer organizations on an ongoing basis.

Step 4

For those looking to take care of animals, it makes sense to browse the city's websites and forums - you will surely find mention of shelters for cats and dogs in need of help. Volunteers take care of animals, work at exhibitions, raise funds for nurseries, arrange shelter residents in good hands. Cooperation requires desire and love for animals. Contact the owners of the shelter - most likely, they will be happy to cooperate with you.

Step 5

Do you want not only to work, but also to relax? Find an international volunteer program. You can restore French castles, clear paths in the mountains of Italy or facilitate the migration of Mexican turtles - there are programs for all tastes. They are designed for two weeks or a month. The volunteer is required to know a foreign language (usually English), the ability to live in Spartan conditions, good health and working capacity. The organizers will provide you with accommodation, food and entertainment in a friendly company of colleagues.

Step 6

An excellent reason to join the volunteer movement is to become a member of the team for servicing the Olympic Games in Sochi. Volunteer recruitment begins two years before the event. To find out if this activity is right for you, go to for program details and candidate requirements. Future volunteers can live in any region of Russia. To participate in the program, you must submit an application to the organizing committee, pass an interview and a test for knowledge of English.