How To Write A Letter "on Demand"

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How To Write A Letter "on Demand"
How To Write A Letter "on Demand"

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For correspondence "on demand" the recipient applies himself. Many people use this service if they do not want the letter addressed to them to accidentally catch the eye of the household. A situation may arise when a person, going on vacation or a business trip, does not know where he will live. But he can agree with friends that he will periodically apply for letters to the nearest post office.

How to write a letter
How to write a letter

It is necessary

  • - post office index;
  • - surname, name and patronymic of the recipient;
  • - password;
  • - paper, pen and envelope.


Step 1

Ask the recipient to determine where they can receive letters. This is possible even if your addressee does not know well the locality in which he is going to spend some time. The addresses and indexes of all post offices in Russia are on the Internet. If there are several post offices in a city or village, agree where exactly you will send your correspondence. It is best if you and the recipient write down the postal code and email address to avoid confusion.

Step 2

Write a letter and place it in an envelope. Fill in all the fields as accurately as possible. In the "From" column, indicate your details. It is better to write the surname, name and patronymic in full, as well as the address in the "From whom" cell. If the addressee for some reason cannot pick up your message within a month, it will be sent back to the address that you indicate.

Step 3

In the appropriate field, indicate the information about the addressee. It can be a surname, first name and patronymic, but it is possible that something like a password is also possible. The recipient can be called whatever he wants, no one should demand his passports when receiving a regular letter.

Step 4

Please enter an index. The envelope usually has a pattern for writing numbers. Try to follow it exactly, because a special machine sorts the letters, and it simply will not understand the wrong style. Write the numbers correctly even if you are using a homemade envelope.

Step 5

Seal your message and attach the required number of stamps. The question of their quantity can be found out at the nearest post office. It is also on the website of the Russian post office.

Step 6

A letter "on demand" can be either simple or registered. Put a simple letter in any mailbox. Take the ordered one to the post office and hand it over to the appropriate window. Make sure the postal clerk assigns a registration number to the letter. Unfortunately, correspondence is sometimes lost. Having a number will significantly narrow the range of searches, since you can more or less accurately determine the area where your letter disappeared.

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