What Are The Genres Of Fine Art

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What Are The Genres Of Fine Art
What Are The Genres Of Fine Art

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Video: What Are The Genres Of Fine Art
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Fine art allows you to see the world around you through the prism of artistic vision. Fine art genres include painting, graphics, sculpture, arts and crafts, and art photography.

What are the genres of fine art
What are the genres of fine art

Painting is the oldest visual genre

Painting was born at the dawn of mankind. This type of art includes rock paintings found on the walls of caves. Even then, ancient artists tried to give the image three-dimensionality with the help of paints. Painting began to flourish in the Middle Ages - the development of religion required the emergence of icon painters. Along with the religious painting that set the tone, secular painting also appears. Mostly portraits of kings and nobles were distributed. Later, several more genres were distinguished in painting - landscape, seascape painting, everyday and fantastic painting, still life, animal painting, battle and historical painting.

Painting is widely used in creative therapy for mental patients.

Graphics - precision and clarity of lines

Graphic works are created using lines, hatches and spots. As a rule, the image is rendered in black. For drawing, pencils, charcoal, ink are used, as well as watercolors, ink, gouache. Graphics include prints, lithographs and woodcuts. The design of vignettes, endpapers and drop caps in books is also the work of a graphic artist. The youngest type of this art is propaganda posters. Some researchers attribute computer graphics to this art - the image in it is also created using lines and equations, but later color can be added.

Sculpture - monumental art

Sculptors aim at a realistic three-dimensional depiction of a human figure. Distinguish between round and relief sculpture. The first view can be seen from all sides, and the second is a relief protruding from a flat background. The sculptor's work requires great care - first the master makes a sketch of the work, then makes calculations, and then makes a model of clay or wax. The main work is done strictly according to the layout. If the sculpture is large enough, the steel frame is first made, and then the details of the work are cast.

Many art forms are intertwined. For example, painting connects with sculpture, and sculpture - with architecture and arts and crafts.

Decorative and applied arts - creativity in all its forms

Decorative and applied art brings together many types of art that embody artistic and utilitarian functions. This includes embroidery, knitting, beading, fashion design, jewelry, batik, quilting, etc. Works made in the genre of decorative and applied art not only fulfill an aesthetic function, but also serve practical purposes.

Art photography - young art

This genre is the newest. Almost the same subspecies are distinguished in it as in painting - portrait, landscape, animal painting, still life, etc. But at the same time, new directions appear - wedding photography, nude, advertising and reportage photography. The availability of materials for photography and the prevalence of programs for graphic processing make this genre the most popular and dynamically developing one.