Viktor Mikhailovich Koklyushkin: Biography, Career And Personal Life

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Viktor Mikhailovich Koklyushkin: Biography, Career And Personal Life
Viktor Mikhailovich Koklyushkin: Biography, Career And Personal Life

Video: Viktor Mikhailovich Koklyushkin: Biography, Career And Personal Life

Video: Viktor Mikhailovich Koklyushkin: Biography, Career And Personal Life
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The satirist Viktor Koklyushkin became famous for his performances with monologues of his own composition. His books are also popular, of which he wrote more than 10. The author took many stories from life, so his jokes are popular among the people.

Victor Koklyushkin
Victor Koklyushkin

Early years, adolescence

Viktor Mikhailovich was born in Moscow on November 27, 1945. His parents were workers. From the age of 14, Victor himself worked as a mechanic, and in the evening he studied at a school for working youth.

After the army, he studied at a polygraphic college, and also graduated from the theater courses of GITIS, becoming a pop playwright. Koklyushkin was a handyman, then a proofreader, an editor. He also worked as a commandant at the military registration and enlistment office. Already in those years, Victor began to create satirical stories.

Creative activity

In the 60s, Koklyushkin became the author of a column in the Literaturnaya Gazeta, which was called the Twelve Chairs Club. He sent his stories, one of which was published. Then Victor was invited to lead the column. The stories became popular with readers. In 1972, Evgeny Kravinsky (pop artist) first performed on stage with a work by Koklyushkin.

The audience and other performers liked the tests. Vinokur Vladimir, Shifrin Efim, Petrosyan Evgeny, Novikova Klara began to perform with Victor's monologues. Koklyushkin himself first appeared on stage with his work in 1983. The performance was broadcast in the program "Around the laugh". The audience remembered not only his monologues, but also the unique voice of the performer.

Many of the stories described by Koklyushkin were taken from life. One of the most popular was the monologue “Hello, Lucy!” Performed by Shifrin Yefim.

Viktor Mikhailovich became the author of more than 10 humorous books, created scripts for 4 recitals. He also participated in the creation of the animated film The Magnificent Gosha.

The satirist writer often appeared in various humorous programs, including the "Full House" program. Since 2012, he has been leading the Koklyushkin diagnosis section in the Argumenty i Fakty newspaper, ironically commenting on events in the country.

In 2016, Viktor Mikhailovich was invited to participate in the game "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire." Sometimes he performs in the show of Evgeny Petrosyan, but he appears in public less and less. Koklyushkin devotes a lot of time to writing books.

Viktor Mikhailovich was a laureate of many literary competitions, he won the Golden Calf prize, the Yunost magazine prize and many others.

Personal life

The first wife of Viktor Mikhailovich is Lyuba Sepp, an Estonian. They got married in the early 60s, later their daughter Elga was born. She received a degree in psychology and worked as a model. Vladimir Solovyov, a TV presenter, became her husband. 5 children were born in the marriage.

For the second time, Koklyushkin married Zlotnik Elga, they have been together for over 35 years. Elga has 2 higher educations, she graduated from VGIK and MISS. At first she was a film critic, then she began to study literature. The couple have a son, Yan, he studied at the Moscow Art Theater, becoming a theater artist.

Koklyushkin devotes part of his free time to pets, once they became participants in the "In the world of animals" program.

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