Archil Mikhailovich Gomiashvili: Biography, Career And Personal Life

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Archil Mikhailovich Gomiashvili: Biography, Career And Personal Life
Archil Mikhailovich Gomiashvili: Biography, Career And Personal Life

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Actor Archil Gomiashvili was remembered by the audience for the role of Ostap Bender in the film "12 Chairs". In addition to his creative activities, he was an entrepreneur, was engaged in charity work.

Archil Gomiashvili
Archil Gomiashvili

Early years, adolescence

Archil Mikhailovich was born in the city of Chiatura (Georgia) on March 23, 1926. His father was a shepherd, and then began to move up the party ladder, he studied at the capital's School of Red Professors. In the 30s he was convicted on a denunciation, and was released only at the end of the war.

After school, Archil attended the art school of Tbilisi for 2 years, devoted his free time to the theater. It was then that Gomiashvili met Georgy Tovstonogov, who commissioned the young artist to design one of the performances and even gave him a small role.

In 1942, Gomiashvili was expelled from the school for connections with criminals. Tovstonogov gave him advice to become an actor, Archil listened to him and left for the capital, enrolling in the Moscow Art Theater. Gomiashvili studied at the university until 1948, then he was expelled for a fight. The young man returned to his homeland.

Creative biography

Gomiashvili began to work at the theater. Marjanishvili. After 10 years, he began to live in Poti, worked in theaters named after. Eristavi, them. Griboyedov. In parallel, the actor began working in the filming of films, making his debut in the film "Personally Known". Then Gomiashvili collaborated with Mikhail Chiaureli, a director, got a role in the movie "Other Now Times".

The actor gained popularity thanks to the role of the main character in Gaidai's comedy "12 Chairs". For the first time Archil played Bender in 1958 in the musical Yuri Lyubimov. It was a one-man show, the actor presented all the characters alone. The production went on for several years, thanks to her, Leonid Gaidai noticed Archil. After the release of the picture, Gomiashvili was named an outstanding film actor.

Archil moved to the capital, he was given an apartment where Stalin's daughter Svetlana Alliluyeva used to live. The actor worked in Lenkom, but did not work with Mark Zakharov and moved to the Pushkin Theater. Of the subsequent film roles, one can single out the work in the film "Mimino". In several films, Gomiashvili played Stalin.

In the late 80s, Archil decided to become a director and make a film about the millionaire Field Michael. However, he did not agree to the shooting. The negotiations took place in West Berlin. Unexpectedly, Gomiashvili became rich by visiting a casino where he won 100,000 marks.

Archil Mikhailovich invested in City-Business, increasing his fortune. Then he opened the Zolotoy Ostap club, which became one of the best in Europe. Later, Gomiashvili was engaged in the opening of Italian boutiques, paid attention to charity. He helped students of theatrical universities, paying for their studies, financially supporting actors in Georgia who were in poverty. Archil Mikhailovich died on May 31, 2005, he had lung cancer.

Personal life

Gomiashvili's first wife was Liana Georgievna, an actress. They worked together in the theater. The couple had 2 sons - Zurab and Mikhail. Zurab became an engineer, and Mikhail became an actor. The marriage broke up due to her husband's infidelities.

Gomiashvili also had affairs with Lionozova Tatiana, a director, Okunevskaya Tatiana, an actress. The second wife of Archil Mikhailovich was the ballerina Tatyana, they had 2 daughters - Nina and Ekaterina. Nina became an actress, Ekaterina became a designer.

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