Alexander Sokolovsky: Biography And Personal Life

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Alexander Sokolovsky: Biography And Personal Life
Alexander Sokolovsky: Biography And Personal Life

Video: Alexander Sokolovsky: Biography And Personal Life

Video: Alexander Sokolovsky: Biography And Personal Life
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Alexander Sokolovsky is a famous theater and film actor. Despite his young age, the young talent has more than 33 film and theatrical works under his belt. The actor is best known for his roles in the TV series Molodezhka and Sklifosovsky.

Alexander Sokolovsky
Alexander Sokolovsky


Alexander Vitalievich Sokolovsky was born in St. Petersburg on February 12, 1989. Despite the fact that no one was devoted to the creative profession in his family, Sasha decided to become an actor at the age of 12. While still at school, the boy entered the theater studio "Duet", where he gladly took part in all productions.

The parents did not see their son as an actor in the future, and Alexander himself eventually began to understand that it would be incredibly difficult to become successful in creativity. For this reason, the Faculty of Economics was first chosen for admission, and later - the Faculty of Journalism.

Having received a school certificate, the future actor decided to try his luck and applied to several theater universities at once, including GITIS. Fortune turned out to be on the side of Sasha and after a few months the applicant Sokolovsky was enrolled in the course of Evgeny Steblov.

Creative way

For the first time in the frame, Alexander appeared in 2005, having played one of the roles in the series "Kamenskaya-4". The next on the list were small, but no less interesting roles in the films "Everyone will die, but I will stay" and "Russia-88".

Alexander received his first theatrical role in the fourth year of the institute. Despite the fact that this did not bring much fame to Sokolovsky, he gained the most important thing - experience. Alexander continued his theatrical career at the theater of Sergei Bezrukov, where he played in such performances as "Spring", "The Jungle Book" and "Treasure Island".

A full-fledged film debut took place in the film "The Split" (2011). After this role, the actor was more often invited to the shooting.

Alexander Sokolovsky became even more famous after participating in the TV series "Vangelia" (2013). The actor acquired his final fame when the film "Chapay Passion" was released, where he played Petka.

For teenagers, Sokolovsky was remembered for the cult TV series Molodezhka and the role of Yegor Shchukin. TV viewers followed the fate of one of the main characters for several years. The role of the central striker has become perhaps the most popular in the actor's filmography.

Personal life and sports

With Sokolovsky's personal life, everything is complicated. The actor has not yet found his love and is not married, which upsets his parents, who have been married for more than 30 years. He was credited with novels with many girls, including the actress and model Christina Lazaryants, but Alexander is in no hurry at the registry office. Sokolovsky also has no children yet.

The 29-year-old actor leads a healthy lifestyle, does not drink alcohol, does not smoke. At the same time, he is fond of various sports, including water sports. In 2018, he received the license to drive a motorcycle and motorcycling was added to the list of men's hobbies.