Lukerya Ilyashenko: Biography, Career, Personal Life, Interesting Facts

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Lukerya Ilyashenko: Biography, Career, Personal Life, Interesting Facts
Lukerya Ilyashenko: Biography, Career, Personal Life, Interesting Facts

Video: Lukerya Ilyashenko: Biography, Career, Personal Life, Interesting Facts

Video: Lukerya Ilyashenko: Biography, Career, Personal Life, Interesting Facts
Video: Лукерья Ильяшенко: про «Аванпост», интимную сцену, комплексы и муляж дохлой кошки 2023, March

Lukerya Ilyashenko is a domestic film actress. She is often compared to Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence. However, the girl is sure that her own charisma is enough for her to win the love of the audience. And in this she is absolutely right.

Actress Lukerya Ilyashenko
Actress Lukerya Ilyashenko

Lukerya Ilyashenko gained fame thanks to her participation in the filming of the television project "Sweet Life". But in her filmography there are other projects that deserve attention. In addition to filming in films, Lukerya was fond of ballet and performed in musicals..

short biography

The date of birth of the popular actress is June 9, 1989. Was born in Samara. From a young age, the girl was drawn to creativity. Lukerya was engaged in dancing. She lived with her mother, who worked as a psychiatrist-narcologist. Parents divorced when the actress was still a child.

Lukerya did not live long in Samara. In 1996, my mother decided to move to the capital. The girl did not want to move to Moscow, because because of this she had to part with her grandmother and girlfriend.

It was not easy after the move. At first, Lukerya could not find a common language with her peers. And then her father died, and the girl did not go to school for 2 years. It was difficult to overcome the road on which her dad took her. To prevent the girl from hanging out on the street, her mother decided to send her to a ballet school.

Actress Lukerya Ilyashenko
Actress Lukerya Ilyashenko

The first year of study was a difficult test for Lukerya. She didn't want to do ballet. Mercilessly skipped classes. Together the ballet spent money given by her mother on sneakers, chips and soda. However, then she got involved, began to take a more responsible approach to classes and revised her views on nutrition. Throughout her studies, Lukerya won several dance competitions.

After graduating from ballet school, Lukerya joined the Renaissance - New Imperial Ballet troupe. For several years she has played in several productions. But she was forced to leave. The reason was injury and low salary.

Lukerya did not forget about training. In parallel with her ballet classes, the girl was educated as a philologist. However, I could not finish my studies. I took the documents in my last year, because realized that this specialty was not interesting to her.

Lukerya tried to enter the theater school. However, they refused to enroll her. They did not want to take her because of her age. But the girl did not give up until she was admitted to the German Sidakov School of Drama. In parallel with her acting education, Lukerya performed at the Theater at the Nikitsky Gate.

Creative way

The filmography of the talented girl began to be regularly replenished with new projects after receiving a diploma. She starred in the popular television project "Youth". Then she appeared in the film "Gold" and "Zemsky Doctor. Return".

But the real popularity for the actress came after the release of the film "Sweet Life". Before the audience, Lukerya appeared in the form of the main character named Lera. Together with her, such actors as Nikita Panfilov, Roman Mayakin, Marta Nosova and Maria Shumakova worked on the set.

Lukerya Ilyashenko in the painting "Dancing to Death"
Lukerya Ilyashenko in the painting "Dancing to Death"

Fame came to Lukerya too unexpectedly. It took her a long time to get used to being recognized and asked to be photographed. The fame grew even stronger after the second season. On the eve of the release of the TV project, Lukerya starred in the men's magazine "Maxim". On the covers of the publication, the actress appeared in a rather frank form, which also played a significant role in the growth of her popularity.

In 2015, the film project "Treason" was released. Together with Elena Lyadova and Kirill Kyaro, Lukerya Ilyashenko also worked on the creation of the series. She appeared before the audience in the form of Oleg Ivanovich's mistress. A year later, the third season of the television series "Sweet Life" and the "Hunters" project were released.

Together with Ivan Zhvakin and Agnia Ditkovskite, Lukerya Ilyashenko starred in the film project "Dancing to Death". But the film was received rather coldly, both by the audience and by the critics. The actors' play was not appreciated either.

Lukerya tried on the image of a zombie, making her dream come true. This original role she got in the motion picture "Survive After". Some time later, before the audience, she appeared in the form of a demon in the movie "The Fifth Guard".

Lukerya Ilyashenko and Alexey Chadov in the movie "Avanpost"
Lukerya Ilyashenko and Alexey Chadov in the movie "Avanpost"

in 2017, the film project "Plaque" was released. Lukerya Ilyashenko got the main role playing Major Ryzhov. Together with her, such actors as Vladimir Mashkov, Denis Shvedov and Alexander Pal worked on the set.

The filmography of Lukerya Ilyashenko is quite extensive. It is worth highlighting such projects as “About love. For adults only”,“Ghost”,“High stakes. Revenge".

"Outpost" is a new motion picture, in which the role of Lukerya Ilyashenko was given. Together with her, such stars as Pyotr Fedorov, Elena Lyadova, Konstantin Lavronenko and Alexei Chadov worked on the creation of the film.

At the present stage, the girl is working on the creation of projects such as Settlers, Zero and Ribs.

Off-set success

How are things in your personal life? Lukerya Ilyashenko does not like to talk about anything other than his work. For a long time, nothing was known about her chosen ones. The girl simply refused to answer questions of a romantic orientation.

And only in 2013 it became known that Lukerya Ilyashenko is in a relationship with Alexander Malenkov. The man is the editor-in-chief of the Maxim publication.

The actress does not think about the birth of children yet. According to her, you must first assert yourself and play enough, and only then think about motherhood.

Lukerya Ilyashenko and Alexander Malenkov
Lukerya Ilyashenko and Alexander Malenkov

Lukerya regularly shares new photos with his fans. She posts pictures on Instagram. In addition to filming a movie, the girl is engaged in dancing and music. She is interested in everything related to antiques and antique jewelry. In the future, Lukerya wants to become an art critic and work as an appraiser of antiques.

Interesting Facts

  1. Until the age of 18, Lukerya Ilyashenko was terribly bursting. To get rid of the speech defect, she signed up for a speech therapist. Although she was told that nothing would work out, and she would not pronounce the letter "r" until the end of her life, Lukerya achieved her goal.
  2. Lukerya terribly complexed because of growth (164 cm). When I worked as a model, I put socks in my shoes to be taller.
  3. Lukerya decided to become an actress thanks to her young man. He told her that "it is stupid to dance to old age in musicals" and advised her to take up acting.
  4. Lukerya hates jealous men. She is not a jealous woman herself.
  5. Lukerya Ilyashenko is a DJ. Mostly plays in the regions. He refuses to perform in Moscow due to shyness.

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