Actor Maxim Schegolev: Biography, Career, Personal Life And Interesting Facts

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Actor Maxim Schegolev: Biography, Career, Personal Life And Interesting Facts
Actor Maxim Schegolev: Biography, Career, Personal Life And Interesting Facts

Video: Actor Maxim Schegolev: Biography, Career, Personal Life And Interesting Facts

Video: Actor Maxim Schegolev: Biography, Career, Personal Life And Interesting Facts
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Maxim Schegolev is a popular Russian film actor. Filmed mainly in multi-part projects. He often performs on the theatrical stage. Although not as much is written about him as about other popular artists, the biography of a talented man does not become uninteresting from this.

Actor Maxim Schegolev
Actor Maxim Schegolev

Maxim's date of birth is April 20, 1982. Our hero was born in Voronezh, where he spent all his childhood. The parents of the talented guy were not associated with cinema. My father served on a submarine, and my mother worked as a doctor.

As a child, the guy attended the ballroom dancing section. He even became a candidate for master of sports. These skills were useful to him in the future. At first, a talented actor worked part-time in nightclubs, danced. At the age of 13, Maxim became a fashion model. He advertised clothes.

Despite the craving for creativity, Maxim was not going to become an actor. He dreamed of being a doctor, following in the footsteps of his mother. But this dream did not come true, tk. the entrance exams were very difficult. Therefore, Maxim decided to try his hand at the Academy of Arts. And the choice was not made because the guy wanted to connect his life with cinema. He just didn't want to serve in the army. Later he did not regret his choice.

Long student years

After studying for a year in Voronezh, Maxim decided to transfer to GITIS, which he successfully did. Educated on the course of Sergei Prokhanov. Maxim made a strong impression on his mentor. After a while, Sergei invited the novice actor to the Moon Theater. The debut on the stage took place in 2002. The aspiring actor almost immediately got the leading role.

Actor Maxim Schegolev
Actor Maxim Schegolev

After receiving his diploma, Maxim decided not to stop there. He went to the School of Dramatic Art, which greatly offended Sergei Prokhanov. However, the actor himself does not regret his choice.

After graduating from the School, the talented guy went to Japan, where he improved his skills under the guidance of Tadashi Suzuki. Subsequently, Maxim said that this step was necessary in order to find "a special theatrical language."

Successful film career

After returning from Japan, Maxim Schegolev immediately began sending out his resume. There were no problems with work, the roles were easy to get. But the directors for some reason saw in Maxim only negative characters. In the movie "In the first circle" Maxim had a chance to play the executioner. Then there was a multi-part project where the actor got the role of a swindler.

Fame came to Maxim after the release of the multi-part project "Young and Evil".

Over time, Maxim managed to prove that he can play not only villains, but also positive characters. Among the most successful projects are the films "Lone Wolf", "Karpov", all parts of the mini-series "Woman in Trouble", "Sword. Season two”. Maxim also appeared in the popular television series Molodezhka. The multi-part project "Bullet" is one of the last works of Maxim. In the series, he starred with such actors as Nikita Panfilov and Ieva Andreevaite.

Maxim not only actively acts in film projects, but also participates in television programs. He performed in the show "Dancing with the Stars". Christina Asmolovskaya became his partner. Together they were able to win the project.

Off-set success

Not only professional, but also personal life of Maxim Shchegolev is rich. The first choice of a talented man was actress Tatyana Solntseva. The girl gave birth to a son to Maxim, who was named Ilya. But the relationship didn't last long.

Alla Kazakova became the first wife of the popular actor. The relationship with the actress had to be hidden for a long time, tk. the artists worked in the same theater troupe. However, Maxim and Alla still declassified their relationship after they got married. From Maxim, Alla gave birth to two girls, who were named Maria and Catherine. However, this relationship fell apart.

Maxim Schegolev and Teona Dolnikova
Maxim Schegolev and Teona Dolnikova

This was followed by a long romance with Yulia Zimina. They met during the filming of the TV series "Carmelita". The relationship lasted 3 years. They broke up due to the fact that Julia prevented the actor from communicating with his children from past relationships.

At the present stage, the artist does not like to talk about his personal life. It is only known that he is in a relationship with Teona Dolnikova. They have a son, Luke. Maxim wants to register his relationship officially, but this is hindered by the singer's previous marriage. Theona has not yet divorced her ex-husband.

Interesting Facts

  1. Having moved to the capital of Russia, Maxim worked for some time as a janitor, was engaged in pasting flyers and washing dishes. All this he did only to live in Moscow.
  2. Maxim was often injured on the set. They hit him hard on the head with the butt of a machine gun and bit him. And while working on the series "Carmelita" Maxim could drown at all, hitting the edge of the pool.
  3. Due to his physical condition, it was difficult for Maxim to travel by public transport. At the moment, he prefers to drive large cars, because only in them he feels comfortable.
  4. Maxim is a believer. He believes that one cannot lose God in the pursuit of glory. In addition, the actor observes the fasts.
  5. Maxim Schegolev promotes a sports lifestyle, but at the same time he cannot get rid of the smoking habit.