Viktor Dobronravov: Biography, Career, Personal Life, Interesting Facts

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Viktor Dobronravov: Biography, Career, Personal Life, Interesting Facts
Viktor Dobronravov: Biography, Career, Personal Life, Interesting Facts

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Viktor Dobronravov is a theater and film actor. He gained fame thanks to projects such as "What Men Talk About" and "Mom". Perhaps someone continues to compare Victor with his father Fedor. However, he is not only a recognizable, but also a popular actor who has managed to build his own career on his own.

Actor Victor Dobronravov
Actor Victor Dobronravov

March 8, 1983 is the date of birth of a popular actor. Born in Taganrog, in a creative family. The popular actor Fyodor Dobronravov and the teacher Irina Dobronravova were involved in the upbringing of Victor. Subsequently, Victor's mother became the organizer of public events. Victor has a younger brother Ivan, who also became an actor.

In Taganrog, Victor did not live long. Almost immediately after his birth, his parents moved to Voronezh. And then they completely went to live in Moscow, tk. my father got a job at Satyricon.

Victor Dobronravov
Victor Dobronravov

Victor began to reach for creativity from an early age. He already knew in childhood that he would become an actor. However, from time to time there was a dream of becoming a chef. By the way, when Victor began to dream of a career in cinema, he did not know that his father was an actor. He learned about his father's profession only after moving to Moscow. Victor spent almost his entire childhood at the Satyricon.

In parallel with his studies at school, the future actor worked as a scene editor. The part-time job did not affect the training in any way. The guy was a diligent student, not a hooligan. However, during his growing up, Victor tried to arrange a kind of rebellion. He started smoking and tasted alcohol. However, the riot ended after a serious conversation with his father.

After graduating from school, Victor entered the Shchukin Theater School. Educated under the guidance of Knyazev.

The first steps

He made his debut on the stage when he was 8 years old. He sang Sarukhanov's song. At the age of 12, he voiced the characters of the popular TV project "Sesame Street". After receiving his diploma, Victor got a job at the theater. Vakhtangov. Performs on stage and at the present stage.

Actor Victor Dobronravov
Actor Victor Dobronravov

The first project in the filmography of Viktor Dobronravov is the film "Moscow Windows". Then there were roles in projects such as "Code of Honor" and "Antikiller 3". He got insignificant roles.

Success came to the novice actor after the release of the film project "Do not be born beautiful." On the set, he worked with Nelly Uvarova and Grigory Antipenko. He appeared before the audience in the form of Fyodor Korotkov. I got into the project by chance after meeting on the street with Alexander Nazarov. Initially, Victor was supposed to become the main character, but then this role was given to Grigory Antipenko.

Viktor collaborated with Nazarov in another project. He starred in the movie "Everything is Possible." Appeared before the audience in the guise of the director of the sales department.

Victor can play any role. He was a bandit in the movie "Yalta-45". He played the captain in the Goryunov film project. Transformed into a romantic in the TV series Family Values. In the film "The Fourth Change" he played a party functionary. And in the television project "Exchange Brothers" Victor appeared in the guise of a hitman.

The film "On the Other Side of Death" became a successful project for Victor. He played a character who is able to recover even after fatal wounds. Svetlana Khodchenkova and Sergey Garmash worked with him on the set. It is worth noting that Victor performed some of the tricks on his own.

Together with his father Fyodor, Victor starred in such projects as "Girl with a scythe", "Matchmakers" and "Money".

Viktor Dobronravov in the movie "T34"
Viktor Dobronravov in the movie "T34"

His filmography should highlight such projects as "Light from the Other World", "Well, hello, Oksana Sokolova!", "Tanks", "Guardian Angel", "Fried Chicken", "What Men Talk About", "Mom "," Adaptation ".

Particular attention should be paid to the Rubezh and T-34 projects.In the first picture, he played a minor character - a military doctor. In the second film, he got the role of the leading character - tanker Vasilenok. While working on the creation of the film project, Victor learned to drive a tank. In his career, he singles out this particular film, considering it a landmark.

Outside the set

In the personal life of Viktor Dobronravov, everything is going well. Alexandra Torgushnikova became his wife. The wedding took place in 2010. After 6 years, a daughter was born, whom the happy parents named Vasilisa. A few months later, Alexandra gave birth to her second child. It was decided to name the daughter Varvara.

Victor Dobronravov with his family
Victor Dobronravov with his family

Victor likes to spend his free time outdoors. He loves to pick mushrooms and fish. He has his own Instagram page. The actor regularly uploads photos, delighting numerous fans.

Interesting Facts

  1. The actor is engaged in voice acting. His voice can be heard in such projects as "Cobra Throw", "The Book of Life", "Paranormal Activity 2", "Inglourious Basterds".
  2. The actor performs in the Carpet Quartet jazz group. He founded the group together with fellow students.
  3. The actor has a car - a 1972 Fiat. A rare red car was presented to Victor by his wife. The car even has a name - Luigi.
  4. At an early age, Victor played basketball. In this sport, he reached great heights.
  5. Victor got to kindergarten thanks to his father, who got a job as a janitor at this institution.
  6. Victor is very similar to his father Fyodor. However, it has a more explosive character.

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