Trevino Michael: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Trevino Michael: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Trevino Michael: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Almost every California resident dreamed of acting in films in his youth. This desire is not due to a favorable climate, but to the presence of the Hollywood film company on the staff. Michael Trevino also dreamed. I dreamed and achieved my goal.

Michael Trevino
Michael Trevino

Starting conditions

Long-term practice shows that residents and guests of the city of Los Angeles have the opportunity to be among the performers when shooting films. Often, producers simply invite people of any age to take part in crowd scenes. Of course, no one promises to continue a career in such cases. Michael Trevino, as a teenager, did not miss the opportunity to see how the performers live, and how films are made. He realized early on that he wanted to become an actor and tried to purposefully act in the right direction.

Trevino was born on January 25, 1985. The family at that time lived in the small town of Montebello, which is located near the famous Los Angeles. The boy's father is a hereditary American, and his mother is a purebred Mexican. Parents strongly supported Michael's desire to become an actor. The boy closely followed the advertisements in newspapers and on television, so as not to miss the next competition or casting.

Professional activity

In the end, Michael was lucky and was invited to shoot commercials. They had to advertise clothes for the whole family. The work allowed him to make good money, but most importantly, they began to recognize him on the street, in shops and other crowded places. At the same time, Trevino understood well that he needed to have more thorough training. To get a specialized education, he entered the local drama college. The teachers of the educational institution have always helped their wards to get a role in the theater, on television or in the cinema.

Michael's career began with cameo roles in the series "Escape", "Bones", "Detective Rush". His work was noticed and invited to the fantastic show project "Charmed". Trevino's long-awaited success awaited during the filming of the series "The Vampire Diary". For six seasons, TV viewers did not take their eyes off the screens. The actor, figuratively speaking, became the best friend for many boys and girls. In addition to being popular, the performer has received several prestigious awards.

Essays on personal life

The biography of the popular actor has not yet been completed. Today, he carefully selects the proposals he receives from directors and producers. Michael Trevino's prospects are excellent. As for his personal life, the actor is not yet married. Yes, he has been dating the actress who played the main role in the film "Song" for several years now. Nobody knows whether they will become husband and wife. Maybe he will meet a new love.

In his free time from filming, Michael enjoys scuba diving, playing football, and snowboarding in winter. The beloved girl tries to be with him as often as possible.

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