Negga Ruth: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Negga Ruth: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Negga Ruth: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Negga Ruth: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Negga Ruth: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Video: Ruth Negga: 'Race was this subject that no one wanted to talk about' 2023, March

Ruth Negga is a film, television and theater actress and producer. The artist became famous thanks to filming in such projects as "Warcraft", "Agents of SHIELD", "Preacher", "Love / Hate", "The Bad". She has been nominated for an IFTA Award multiple times. For her leading role in Loving, Ruth was one of the Oscar nominees.

Ruth Negga
Ruth Negga

Ruth Negga was born in Ethiopia in 1982. Her hometown is Addis Ababa. Ruth has Ethiopian and Irish roots. Her mother, whose name is Knorra, worked as a nurse. Almost nothing is known about Father Ruth. He died early. When her father died in a traffic accident, Ruth was only seven years old.

Facts from the biography of Ruth Negg

Ruth was born on January 7th. Until the age of four, she lived with her parents in Ethiopia. However, the situation that was heating up in the country forced the mother to take her daughter and move to Ireland. My father was also supposed to emigrate, but, unfortunately, died in an accident.

Ruth's mother did not remarry. The now famous actress has no sisters or brothers.

Ruth spent her childhood and teenage years in the Irish county of Limerick. Here she went to school, at the same time starting to attend a creative studio.

After receiving her basic education, Ruth, who already dreamed of becoming an actress, entered Trinity College. She chose an acting direction for herself.

After receiving a specialized education, Negga, wanting to develop her talents and career, moved to London. In the British capital, a talented girl attended master classes in performing arts, took place in various auditions and auditions.

Her career began with roles in theatrical productions. For several years after moving to London, Ruth Negga worked in various theaters. She was even lucky to play in a play based on one of Shakespeare's plays at the Royal Theater. Although Ruth is now a very popular film and television actress, she continues to work in the theater.

Today, the artist is also passionate about the fashion industry. She often takes part in fashion photography, appears in advertisements on the spreads of glossy magazines.

Negga got her first roles in film and television in the early 2000s. Now her filmography includes more than thirty different projects. Ruth willingly accepts invitations to shoot in TV series and feature films. She sometimes works as a voice actress and can be seen in short films as well.

In 2018, Ruth Negga tried herself as a producer for the first time. In this role, she worked on eight episodes of the popular television series "Preacher", in which she herself has been filming for several years.

Unfortunately, the actress practically does not maintain her profiles on social networks, she rarely uploads any information or photos. Therefore, you can find out about how Ruth lives, what plans she has for the near future, only by visiting fan profiles and groups.

Development of an acting career

The first projects in film and television for Ruth were: "Doctors", "Love is a drug", "Capital Letters", "3-Minute 4-Play". Early in her career, Negga also contributed to the voiceover for the short film Stars.

In 2005 the premiere of the movie "Breakfast on Pluto" took place, which received quite high ratings and many positive reviews. Ruth in this film played the role of a character named Charlie. In the same year, the young actress appeared in the film Isolation.

In the next few years, the artist worked on the sites of television series. Her filmography was replenished with such projects as "Secretaries", "Prodigal Daughters", "Criminal Justice", "Bad", "Love / Hate", "Christmas". In 2010, Negga played Ophelia in the film adaptation of the play Hamlet.

For several years after Ruth Negga worked in various TV series and short films. Popularity came to her after the actress starred in the TV series "Agents of SHIELD", which has been airing since 2013. A new wave of popularity swept the already recognized artist when the first episodes of the TV show "Preacher" were released. The series started in 2016.

In the filmography of Ruth it is worth noting such projects: "War of the Worlds Z", "Jonah", "Warcraft", "Loving". And in the future there should be premieres of films: "To the Stars" and "Passing".

Love, relationships and personal life

In 2010, Ruth began a romantic relationship with a popular actor named Dominic Cooper. The lovers diligently hid their private lives from fans and the press, tried not to emphasize their relationship.

In 2018, it became known that Ruth and Dominic broke up, but without quarrels and scandals. They continue to maintain friendly relations.

To date, it is not known whether the actress has a new loved one.

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