Madison Bailey: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Madison Bailey: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Madison Bailey: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Madison Bailey: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Madison Bailey: Biography, Career, Personal Life
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Bailey Rose Madison is an American actress and producer. Nominee for the Saturn Award for her role in the film Brothers. She became widely known after the release of the film "The Bridge to Terrabitia", where she played May Belle Aarons.

Bailey Madison
Bailey Madison

Although the actress is only 19 years old, there are already 50 roles in her creative biography in television and film projects. Bailey also produced two films: Annabelle Hooper and the Ghosts of Nantucket and The Story of a Cowgirl.

Biography facts

The future actress was born on the east coast of South Florida in the resort town of Fort Lauderdale, USA in the fall of 1999. Bailey is the youngest in the family. She has 4 brothers and 2 sisters, one of whom also became an actress.

Creativity entered Madison's life at an early age. When she was not even a month old, the baby starred in her first commercial. The girl made her film debut in the film Lonely Hearts. At that time she was only 5 years old. She came to the casting with her sister Caitlin and was noticed by the director almost immediately. Working in this film gave Madison the opportunity to start a full-fledged film career.

Mom fully supported her daughter and after her first work in the cinema, she began to constantly take her to auditions and auditions. Since Bailey had a very combative nature, she was not shy about new people and freely held herself in front of the camera, new roles were not long in coming.

So that the girl could act in new films and at the same time study and rest normally, her mother made sure to draw up a plan and schedule, where special attention was paid to good rest, games and studies.

It was not so easy for the young actress to combine the filming process, which took place in Los Angeles, with her studies at a school in Florida. But the girl quickly learned to cope with difficulties thanks to her character and the support of her family.

Unlike many children who started their film careers at an early age and then disappeared from the screens, Bailey continues to successfully star in new projects and has an army of fans and fans all over the world. She has become a renowned actress and socialite, often attending events, awards ceremonies, premieres and parties.

In addition to working in films, Bailey is developing his own clothing line for young people and appears at fashion shows, showing some models herself. The girl is fond of choreography, takes dance lessons and often travels the world with friends.

Bailey registered her own company, Bailee Madison Productions, of which her mother, Patricia Riley, is the president.

Film career

Although Madison will turn 20 in 2019, she managed to star in many famous films and work with famous directors and actors.

Popularity came to her at the age of 6, when the fantastic film "Bridge to Terabithia", based on the novel by Katherine Paterson, was released. Bailey played the sister of the main character in it and received many positive reviews from film critics.

Among her works, it is worth noting roles in projects: "House Doctor", "The Wizards of Waverly Place", "Brothers", "Phoebe in Wonderland", "Letters to God", "Once Upon a Time", "Parental Lawlessness", "The Fosters "," The Good Witch "," The Verdict "," Law & Order: Special Victims Unit ".

For her role in the thriller "The Brothers," Madison was nominated for a Saturn Award for Best Young Actress. Her partners on the set were such celebrities as Toby McGuire and Natalie Portman.

Personal life

Madison is constantly in the spotlight of fans and fans alike. They closely follow the personal life of their beloved actress. The girl shares her photos on Instagram, where she has an official account.

The girl met with musician Callie Emery for some time. Then her boyfriend became Alex Lang, and in 2019 - singer and musician Blake Richardson. So far, Madison does not think about family life.

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