Inzhevatov Alexey Nikolaevich: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Inzhevatov Alexey Nikolaevich: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Inzhevatov Alexey Nikolaevich: Biography, Career, Personal Life
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Actor Alexei Inzhevatov devoted most of his life to work in theater and cinema. Many performances with his participation were filmed. In the cinema, Inzhevatov rarely got the main roles. To the greatest extent, his acting talent manifested itself when scoring films. Many Russian and foreign actors speak the voice of Alexei Nikolaevich.

Alexey Nikolaevich Inzhevatov
Alexey Nikolaevich Inzhevatov

From the biography of Alexei Nikolaevich Inzhevatov

The future theater and film actor was born in Ivanovo on January 24, 1946. His father worked as a property manager at the Ivanovo Drama Theater. Since childhood, Alexei has often been behind the scenes of the theater, where he was filled with love for the profession of an actor. Interest in acting led Inzhevatov to a theater studio.

The future actor received his education in a regular high school. Inzhevatov completed his studies at the evening school. During the day he played at the drama theater. Then he became a student at VGIK. He studied at the course of Vladimir Belokurov. He graduated from the university in 1967.

Career in theater and cinema

After graduating from VGIK, Alexey served for about a year at the Theater of the Soviet Army, and in November 1968 he became a full member of the troupe of this theater. Among the theatrical works of Inzhevatov, it should be noted that he took part in the performances “Two Comrades”, “The Death of Ivan the Terrible”, “Walking in Torment”, “Robber”, “Unknown Soldier”, “The Dawns Here Are Quiet”, “Birds of Our Youth”, “At Night among the stars”, the Holy of Holies”, “Usvyat Helmet Bearers”, “Clock Without Hands”, “Fight”, “White Shawl”, “Diamond Orchid”.

In 1964, Inzhevatov began acting in films. His first job was the role of Vanya Aldyukhov in the film "Calling Fire on Ourselves."

A few years later, Alexei played his only major role in cinema, playing the Chekist Zhokhov in the historical film "On Friends and Comrades" (1970). The plot of the film is as follows: in 1919, anti-Soviet organizations created by anarchists operate in Moscow. The activities of these groups are exposed by the Chekists. Among these guys is the hero of Alexei Inzhevatov.

In general, Inzhevatov could not be seen on the screen very often. Among the paintings with his participation, one can note "The Mortal Enemy", "Only Three Weeks …", "Long Versts of War", "Northern Option". Several performances were also screened in which Aleksey Nikolayevich took part, including "Personal File", "Strip of the Permissible", "White Tent", "Teresa Carrar's Rifles".

The actor devoted a lot of time and effort to work on dubbing. Inzhevatov's voice is spoken by both domestic and foreign actors: James Belushi, Alain Delon, Alexander Abdulov, Lembit Ulfsak, ​​Arnis Litsitis. It was Inzhevatov who voiced the famous anti-mafia fighter Commissioner Cattani in the Italian TV series Octopus. The audience could also hear the actor's voice in the TV series "The rich also cry" and "Slave Izaura".

Personal life of Alexey Inzhevatov

Inzhevatov's wife was the popular actress Natalya Rychagova. The audience remembered her as Masha in the film "Officers". Alexey and Natalya met when they entered VGIK, and then studied in the same course. In the third year of the institute they started a family. In March 1968, the young couple had a daughter, Maria. In 2006, she died after a serious illness.

Alexey Inzhevatov passed away on September 7, 2010 in the capital of Russia.

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