How To Immigrate To Norway

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How To Immigrate To Norway
How To Immigrate To Norway

Video: How To Immigrate To Norway

Video: How To Immigrate To Norway
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The population of Norway is included in the so-called "golden billion" of the world's population, i.e. life in this country has a high indicator of economic stability and social security. Accordingly, a lot of people want to call Norway their second homeland. But the Norwegian government doesn't want to worry about extra mouths and has a tough immigration policy. What are the ways you can immigrate to Norway?

How to immigrate to Norway
How to immigrate to Norway

It is necessary

  • - a photocopy of all pages of the Russian passport;
  • - a foreign passport, if there were old foreign passports, then you must attach the canceled ones;
  • - 2 color photographs, size 3, 5 x 4, 5;
  • - a certificate from work (on a letterhead indicating the details of the company, position, salary);
  • - bank statement or travel checks in the amount of 50 Euro per day per person;
  • - invitation to enter Norway: business, private, tourist;
  • - a copy of the pension certificate and sponsorship certificate;
  • - for students: certificate from studies plus sponsorship certificate;
  • - for single parents traveling with children: a notarized power of attorney for the removal of a child or a copy of a certificate from a single mother or a certificate from the police about the impossibility of establishing the father's whereabouts or a death certificate, etc.;
  • - hotel, camping, etc.;
  • - booking tickets (round trip).;
  • - medical insurance.


Step 1

Marry a Norwegian citizen. This is by far the most popular way to become a Norwegian citizen. Naturally, only a few enter into such a marriage for love, more often such a marriage is fictitious. And fake marriages are expensive, so the average Russian cannot afford it. In such cases, foreign dating sites are used. Women are more likely to get married, since the low social status of the wife is not an obstacle for a Norwegian. In the case of men, it is usually the other way around.

Step 2

Get refugee status. You can only consider this option if you can prove harassment by the authorities or persecution on the basis of gender or because of your sexual orientation in your direction, as well as a threat to your life and health at home. If you can confirm this, then contact NOAS, the special organization for refugees in Norway. You will need to register with the police, undergo a physical examination and write a written explanation of why you are applying for asylum in Norway. People from war zones or African countries are more likely to receive refugee status.

Step 3

Obtain a work visa with a settlement permit. Without knowledge of English or Norwegian, you cannot count on a prestigious job, but even in seasonal work, which the Norwegians themselves do not want to do, labor migrants receive wages that are higher than their wages at home.

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