The Most Popular Names In Russia

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The Most Popular Names In Russia
The Most Popular Names In Russia

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Video: The Most Popular Names In Russia
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For a newborn baby, parents choose a name with trepidation and excitement. Some grown-up children change it, but most get used to even those they don't like at first. The name is a reflection of the personality and often has a certain influence on a person. 17/4-0-6 17/4-0-6


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The records of the most popular names in Russia are kept by the employees of the registry offices. They are the ones who register newborn babies, giving them the "name" chosen by their parents. Each region compiles its own popularity rating, but statistics show that most often the leading positions in the country coincide. This is due to the fact that most parents name their child in terms of fashion trends, certain traditions, or with an eye to friends / acquaintances. As a result, for many years one and the same name can lead the list of the most popular names in Russia.

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This is exactly what happened with the ranking of names for boys. The dynamics was monitored by the staff of the capital's registry office with a difference of several years (data for 1991, 1995, 2000, 2005, 2010). Over the years listed, the leader has not changed even once: the most popular name in Russia among boys has always been the name Alexander. The second place was not so stable. In 1991-1995. newborn boys were often called Dmitriy. In the new millennium (2000-2005), the second most popular name was replaced by Daniel and its various modifications (Danila, Danil). At the same time, Dmitry first dropped to 4th place, and by 2005 his position became 7th. In 2010, Maxim took the second place, having moved up one step compared to 2005.

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The third most popular name among boys in Russia also changed regularly. Only in 1991-1995. there was a tendency to refer to male newborns as Aleksey. In 2000, this name was changed to Nikita, in 2005 - to Maxim, and in 2010 - to Artyom.

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A somewhat different tendency can be traced when parents choose a name for their newborn daughter (the observation period also covers 1991, 1995, 2000, 2005, 2010). 1991 to 2005 the girls preferred to be called Anastasias. In 2010, the most popular female name in Russia unexpectedly became Sophia / Sofia, which previously occupied only the fifth line. In second place, the situation is somewhat different. In 1991, parents often called newborn babies Catherine. However, by 1995, this name dropped to the 4th line, giving way to Maria. The trend proved to be stable, and the name remained the second most popular until 2010 (this year the variant Marya was added). The third most popular female name in the Russian Federation from 1991 to 2005. it was Anna. In 2010, he was replaced by the name Anastasia.

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In recent years, the rating of popular names in Russia has changed little. By 2013, the boys' leader had changed: the most common name was Artem. But Alexander did not slip far and was firmly placed in the second position. The third popular male name in the country was Maxim.

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Among the most popular female names in Russia in 2013, the situation is even more interesting: there have been no changes since 2010. Most often, parents still call babies Sophia or Sophia. Maria (Marya) remained the second most common name, and Anastasia holds the third line to this day.

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