What Decorations Do Different Tribes Have?

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What Decorations Do Different Tribes Have?
What Decorations Do Different Tribes Have?

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The jewelry of the tribes of Africa, Polynesia, Nepal and other peoples is a reflection of culture, religious beliefs or the way of perception of the world. And what can terrify a modern European person is natural and beautiful for the natives. The unusual attributes of beauty often hide a connection with the past, with the ancient history of the tribe.

What decorations do different tribes have?
What decorations do different tribes have?


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The canons of beauty in numerous tribes inhabiting our planet sometimes defy logic and common sense. And often women have to experience severe physical suffering in order to live up to them. For example, in the tribe of red Karen living on the border of Burma and Thailand, a long neck is considered the ideal of beauty. A woman with such dignity is compared to a giraffe, which is perceived as a graceful and graceful animal. To stretch her neck, a copper ring is put on a girl at the age of five, and then one more is added every three years. It is very difficult to wear rings in adulthood, because their total weight can reach 8 kg. As experts explain, the rings on the neck contribute to the deformation of the collarbones, pressing them into the chest, due to which the neck is lengthened. Traditionally, the warriors of the Red Karen tribe protected women from the attack of wild animals with these ornaments of the neck of women. Over time, copper rings have become just an object of beauty. The more rings a girl wears, the more attractive she becomes to men, and her chances of getting married increase. A similar tradition exists in the South African tribe Ama Ndebele. Alas, putting rings on her neck, a woman condemns herself to constantly wearing them, because if she decides to take them off in adulthood, she will most likely die, since atrophied muscles will not be able to hold her head.

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The main decoration of the members of the Maori tribe are numerous tattoos. With their help, these New Zealand aborigines reflect their status. For example, a face completely covered with a pattern indicates a noble origin. Tattoos also have a sacred meaning for members of the tribe and are part of the rite of passage. The Maori method of tattooing is very painful: ink is injected into pre-made cuts or the skin is cut with an ink-smeared knife. This process is long and laborious and takes place in several stages. Tattoos are applied mainly by men, although drawing drawings on the lips, chin, and eyebrows is also popular among women. The Maori woman, with a moko tattoo that covers her entire face and speaks of her high status, is the most enviable bride of the tribe.

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Ethiopia is inhabited by the Mursi, Surma, Kihepo, Musgu, Lobi and Kirdi tribes, where it is customary for women to insert a clay plate into a loop made in the lower lip. An incision is made for a girl almost from birth, where a small plate is placed. As it grows, its diameter increases. The larger the jewelry, the more attractive a woman is considered. Some people manage to wear plates up to 25 cm in diameter. All this looks very exotic against the background of long loops instead of earlobes, where a variety of large decorations made of clay or wood are also placed. In South African tribes, women adorn themselves with everything that can be attached to the neck and head: a variety of beads, threads, wooden sticks and rings, herbs, flowers and pieces of fabric.

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Another way for Mursi women to decorate their bodies is by scars. Moreover, this process is rather difficult: insect larvae are planted in a notch on the skin, where they live and develop for some time, but die, suppressed by human immunity. Due to the remains of the larvae, the scars are bulging and voluminous. Such drawings on the body are considered beautiful, and Mursi men like to touch the embossed skin of women.

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