Elena Hanga: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

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Elena Hanga: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life
Elena Hanga: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

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Elena Abdulaevna Hanga is a famous radio and TV presenter, journalist. The host of the popular talk shows "About It" and "Domino Principle", which were released in the 90s of the last century. It was thanks to these shows that Elena became popular and recognizable on Russian television.

Elena Hanga
Elena Hanga

A dark-skinned woman, of an unusual and attractive appearance, immediately fell in love with the audience for her ease, ability to captivate and lead the audience. Elena Hanga is the first journalist to be invited to work in Boston, where she successfully worked for the Christian Science Monitor.

Biography of Elena Hang

Elena was born on May 1, 1962. The story of her birth, like the biography itself, is unusual, because the girl was born almost during the May Day demonstration taking place on Red Square in Moscow. Elena's father, Abdul Hasim Hanga, was invited with his wife, Leah Olivenovna Golden, to the rostrum of the mausoleum on Red Square in order to deliver congratulations. The wife was so worried and worried that during the demonstration, she started having contractions and was taken to the hospital, where the future television star, Elena Hanga, appeared.

Elena's father is a native of Zanzibar, a famous politician in his country, where he was prime minister for some time. Mom was born in Tashkent, was a famous tennis player, studied at Moscow University at the Faculty of History. She conducted scientific activities, worked at the University of Patrice Lumumba at the Faculty of History, was a professor at the University of Chicago, and was also an active fighter for the rights of blacks.

Elena Hanga and her biography
Elena Hanga and her biography

Elena and her mother permanently lived in Moscow, and her father worked in Tanzania, periodically visiting his family. When Elena was still very young, a coup took place in an African country, her father was arrested and imprisoned, where he soon passed away. After a while, my mother met Elena's future adoptive father, Lee Young, whom she married.

The girl was directly raised by her grandmother, who emigrated from America to the Soviet Union back in the 30s. She was fluent in English, which she taught Elena.

The girl was actively involved in sports. For a while, she even played for the tennis national team and went to figure skating. Elena also received a musical education, attended a theater studio, sang, danced, took part in the performances of the KVN team. By the time she graduated from a specialized school, she firmly decided to become a journalist and entered Moscow University. Later, Elena received a second higher education at the University of New York, specializing in psychotherapy.

Career and creativity

Elena began working immediately after graduating from the university in the newspaper "Moscow News". It was working in a newspaper that she got the opportunity to do an internship in America, where she was invited by exchange. Returning to her homeland in 1987, Elena met Vladislav Listyev, who invites her to take part in the "Look" program. During the same period, Hanga meets Leonid Parfenov, who later played one of the main roles in the professional life of a young journalist and TV presenter.

Elena Hanga
Elena Hanga

After a while, Elena had to leave the country again. This happened in 1989, when the Rockefeller Foundation invited her to America as an international specialist.

Despite the fact that Hanga lived in America, in 1993 she began to prepare and conduct programs on Russian television on the NTV channel. Her reports are dedicated to the Olympic Games taking place in Atlanta.

In 1997, she began her work with Leonid Parfenov, who offered to create a talk show "About it" on television and become the host of this program. On television, it was the first show to feature explicit, risky, and sometimes shocking topics.The rating of the program exceeded all expectations. It was from that moment on that Elena Hanga's career went up rapidly. The famous project was released on screens for 3 years. During this period, many publications abroad wrote about Elena, she even got into the book of records.

In 1998, together with Leonid Parfenov, Hanga began to lead the Russian-language version of Fort Bayard. The pilot versions of the program received significant ratings, and it was successfully launched on television screens. Elena hosted the program until 2006.

After some time, Hanga received an invitation to shoot a new project - "The Domino Principle". Dana Borisova and Elena Ishcheeva become its co-hosts.

Since 2009, Elena has been hosting a talk show on the Russia Today channel, and also becomes a radio host for Komsomolskaya Pravda. It can be seen in the programs "In Search of Truth" and "With a remote control for life."

Elena Hanga
Elena Hanga

Other projects of Elena Hanga

Elena Hanga's creativity is not limited only to television projects. She successfully acted in films and wrote several books, which were published in large circulations in many countries of the world.

The first shooting in the film took place when Elena was still in school. Then she was part of the cast in the movie "Black Sun". A small role in the crowd scene in the film "The Invisible Man" went to her in 1981. In the future, her film career is associated with the films "New tales of Scheherazade", "Last night of Scheherazade", "Park of the Soviet period", "Evlampiya Romanov 3".

Elena published a book about her family tree in 1992 under the title “The History of a Black Russian-American Family. 1865-1992 ". The work became widely known and was published in many countries.

The second book was a work entitled "About everything and about this", it was published in 2001. Service in the newspaper, creativity, relationships with colleagues, family, the creation of television shows - this is what Elena writes about in her book.

Elena Hanga
Elena Hanga

Elena Hanga and her personal life

Elena's husband is Igor Mintusov. They have known each other since working on a joint project in a newspaper in the 80s. Then Igor began to look after his chosen one, gave her small gifts and showed all kinds of attention.

In 1988, he decided to propose to Elena, but did not receive consent and the couple broke up for a while. According to Elena herself, at that time she was not ready to build a serious relationship. Career and journalism came first.

In the mid-90s, at one of the receptions, they had a chance to meet again and then the relationship resumed, love took possession of their hearts.

In 2001, Igor again proposed to Elena and this time her answer was "yes". The wedding took place in America, because most of the friends and relatives lived in the United States at that time. Elena was led down the aisle by her adoptive father, whom she loves very much and considers her closest friend and real parent.

Then, in 2001, the couple had a child. The girl was named Elizabeth-Anna, in honor of Empress Elizabeth and Elena's friend, tennis player and sports commentator, Anna Dmitrieva.

Today the family lives happily in Moscow.

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