Sudets Tatyana Alexandrovna: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Sudets Tatyana Alexandrovna: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Sudets Tatyana Alexandrovna: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Sudets Tatyana Alexandrovna: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Sudets Tatyana Alexandrovna: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Video: Татьяна Судец. Судьба человека с Борисом Корчевниковым 2023, March

Tatiana Sudets is remembered by many as "Aunt Tanya" from the program "Good night, kids!" This woman is unique, because behind a sweet smile she hid the pain and disappointment that she often had to face outside the television studio. Tatiana is a talented presenter and professional announcer of Soviet and Russian television.

Sudets Tatyana Alexandrovna: biography, career, personal life
Sudets Tatyana Alexandrovna: biography, career, personal life


Sudets Tatiana Alexandrovna was born on August 22, 1947, in Moscow. The parents of the future TV star worked at a car repair plant. Mother - Evgenia Anatolyevna was in charge of the accounting department and the personnel department, and the father was there, but in a hot shop. It is known that later Tatyana's father joined the KGB. They could not even imagine that their daughter would one day work on television. However, Tanya dreamed of a leading career, but was forced to hide her true intentions from her parents. “Modesty adorns a person” - representatives of the older generation of the family assured the girl.

Tatiana Sudets
Tatiana Sudets

Tanya was an active child, took part in fights with local boys, was a bully. Mom was able to convince Tanya that the girl should not be the first to get involved in a fight, but standing up for herself is a sacred thing.

At the age of seven, the baby received a severe burn. Doctors gave disappointing forecasts, the chances that the child would survive were minimal. But her mother turned out to be stronger than an insidious disease, and in the literal sense of the word pulled the girl out of the other world, looked after her, did not leave her daughter a single step.

Education and early career

By education, Tatyana is a radio engineer, she graduated from the Moscow Power Engineering Institute, but she worked a little in her specialty. In the fall of 1972, in October, she got a job in the announcer department of Central Television.

Programs hosted by Tatiana Sudets

  1. "Blue Light";
  2. "Time";
  3. “More good products”;
  4. "Skillful hands";
  5. "Song of the year";
  6. "Our address is the Soviet Union";
  7. "Women's Fates";
  8. "Sport. Health stories ";
  9. "Toys";
  10. "Good night, children!". For 25 years, Tatiana delighted the audience with her dazzling smile, and was remembered as her beloved "Aunt Tanya".
Tatiana Sudets
Tatiana Sudets

During the perestroika period, Tatyana resigned from Central TV, but after that she was warmly accepted into its ranks by the cable television team.

There is also a page in the biography of the TV presenter when she had to work in Japan as a teacher of the Russian language.

In 2000, Tatiana was awarded the title "Honored Artist of the Russian Federation".

Tatiana Sudets
Tatiana Sudets

Personal life

As Tatyana herself recalls, in her personal life, not everything was as smooth as we would like. At the age of 18, she married Anatoly Grushin (the marriage lasted from 1965 to 1972). From the first marriage, a son, Andrei, appeared (in 1992 he tragically died at the hands of robbers).

Tatyana met her second husband six years after the divorce. However, Vladimir Sudets could not make the TV star happy. Daughter Daria failed to save this union. In 1985, their marriage was officially dissolved. The reason for the breakup was the betrayal of the spouse. Tatyana decided not to change her surname so that the audience would not have to get used to the new name of the favorite of the TV screen.

With her third husband, the fate of the TV presenter also did not work out. Mikhail Miroshnikov served as an intelligence officer in the KGB. In 1988, they got married, but the man's addiction to alcohol due to frequent stress at work led to a break in relations, in 1995 Tatyana filed for divorce.

How Tatyana Sudets lives at the present time

Tatyana has a dacha near Moscow, without any help she still managed to complete the construction. The project turned out to be expensive and dragged on for several years, but it was the construction that helped the woman escape from the family tragedy. She lost her son and then her last husband.

Since 1982, the TV presenter has been driving a car. In 2013, she was deprived of her license for a period of 20 months after an accident on New Year's Eve. The fact is that Tatiana refused to undergo a medical examination, and this did not get away with her.

At the moment, Tatyana has two grandchildren, with whom she loves to spend time in her country house. She is a hospitable hostess, loves to host friends and relatives.

Tatyana Sudets turned 71 in 2018, but despite her age, she considers herself young. According to the TV presenter, in her heart she will always be 29 years old, and old age is not about her.

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