Ekaterina Volkova: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

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Ekaterina Volkova: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life
Ekaterina Volkova: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

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Ekaterina Volkova is one of the favorite Russian actress. Mainly in her biography there are series and sitcoms, but in them she creates the most convincing images, due to which she fell in love with the domestic public.

Ekaterina Volkova: biography, creativity, career, personal life
Ekaterina Volkova: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Ekaterina Volkova is an actress whose screen images are familiar to many. After all, she is a performer of one of the main roles in the Voronin's beloved series. Therefore, her work does not go unnoticed.


Childhood of the artist

The countdown of Katya Volkova's biography began in 1982, when she was born in Tallinn. Volkova celebrates her birthday on January 15. Catherine's family was not creative and famous: her father is a businessman with a name, mother is a housewife. At the same time, the girl's grandmother influenced the views and future choice of profession. The woman worked as a teacher in a kindergarten, and therefore was an enthusiastic nature, creative and able to handle children. Catherine herself, having matured, admits that it was her grandmother who had the greatest influence on her, and her advice and recommendations allowed the girl to achieve certain success in her career.

From early childhood, different talents could be discerned in the girl. Aunt Katya worked in a hairdressing salon, and she often went there. It was here that the first admirers of her talent appeared. the girl, coming here, sang, danced, recited poetry. Despite the fact that the visitors to the barbershop almost in a voice said that she should be an artist, Ekaterina thought about her future profession only when she was finishing school. It was then that she decided to continue her education at the theater school.

The girl's parents, as noted, were not against, however, 1005, but did not approve of such an idea. Yet deep down, they wanted her to have a more reliable profession. However, the talent could not be hidden and not buried, so the girl was gladly accepted into the Schepkinsky school. She graduated from it in 2003 with honors. But, however, a red diploma, even of such a prestigious educational institution, did not immediately open a bright and triumphant path to the profession for her.

Catherine decided to go the other way - not to try to storm the unattainable heights right away, but to try to enter from a simpler and less pretentious stage. And it played a good service to her. She got her first job at the State Film Actor Theater. At that time, her film career did not work out - she was not taken to the sites. It all ended mainly in episodes.

In parallel, she still received a more serious education - a financier-economist.

Breakthrough in cinema

The successful shooting of Catherine, who actually gave her a ticket to the cinema, can be safely called … a commercial for the bouillon cube "Galina Blanca". She convincingly created the image of a housewife who cooks with pleasure. Despite the fact that the advertisement is small in terms of timing, it was noticed, people began to recognize it and offer different roles in the series. And in 2005 Volkova began acting in films.


To begin with, her career was a small role in the detective series "Kulagin and Partners". After her you can see in "Lyuba, Children and the Factory", "Who is the Boss in the House" and others. However, ahead of her was her stellar role, for which Volkova was loved by millions of viewers in the country. She was invited to the series "Voronin" as one of the main characters of Vera Voronina.

Moreover, this role did not go to her on a silver platter. At the casting, the young actress had to show all her perseverance and perseverance. She got the role of Vera only on the third attempt. And, as can be noted, it was the right choice. After the first casting, there was a complete failure - she was not even remembered. At the second casting, she was able to pull herself together and show herself, but the producers doubted her because of her too young age. But for the third time she was lucky, and she bypassed five actresses at once, who also claimed the role of Vera.

Since then, she has been a permanent heroine. Moreover, the series is so successful that it continues to be released in new seasons. During the filming, Ekaterina Volkova herself managed to get married and even give birth to a child. The project turned out to be a great start for her. In addition, it was filled with such a warm atmosphere on the set that the entire film family of the Voronins practically became like this in life outside of filming - all the actors are constantly communicating and making friends.

In 2009, Ekaterina Volkova was singled out as one of the best Russian actresses. And a year later she received an invitation to appear in the TV series "Reflections".

The filmography of the actress today has several diverse tapes, including "Love as Love", "I Stay", "Crazy Angel". Her contribution to art is highly appreciated by critics.

Theatrical career


Ekaterina Volkova's theatrical career is also developing successfully. She not only tries herself in the acting profession, but has already acted as a producer, in this field she tried herself in the production of "Dogs in the Manger".

Also, the actress is actively involved in various television projects. So, she could be seen in "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?", "Forte Boyard", "Guess the Tune", "Let Them Talk", "The Smartest".

She also tested herself as a TV presenter. Her project "Mom for 5+" was aired on the Disney children's channel in Russia. She lasted a whole year as a TV presenter. In addition, Catherine took part in "Empire of Illusions" and "Dancing with the Stars".

Her love of creativity, as well as the received second economic education, helped her to orient herself in life and, in addition to the profession of an actor, to master business. Today Volkova has her own clothing store and dance school.

Personal life

How Ekaterina Volkova lives - many fans are constantly interested in this question. Oena married a dancer - her husband Andrei Karpov, known to the Russian public for his participation in the Dancing with the Stars project. Their romance began with an invitation to an individual dance lesson.

The relationship between Karpov and Volkova developed romantically and rapidly. They could gaze at the stars, roast sausages, etc. In 2010, Andrei Karpov invited Catherine to become his wife. And in March 2011 they had a daughter.


What's happening to her now

The life of Ekaterina Volkova is quite simple. She is married, with her husband they have a complete idyll. She herself regularly uploads photos to her Instagram from the beaches and pools, where they have a rest with the whole family. She also continues to appear in the Voronins and works in the theater.

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