What Means Can You Convey The Beauty Of Nature

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What Means Can You Convey The Beauty Of Nature
What Means Can You Convey The Beauty Of Nature

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Absolute and unconditional beauty is rare in the world. Each person perceives the reality around him differently. For some, autumn landscapes are much more beautiful than summer ones, for others, on the contrary. There are many ways to communicate your own feelings to third parties.

What means can you convey the beauty of nature
What means can you convey the beauty of nature

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Calm music, art textbooks


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In the question of ways of conveying the beauty of nature, experts emphasize that it is necessary to learn such methods and techniques from the study of the objects of aesthetic knowledge themselves. It is necessary for yourself to determine what specifically attracts you in a particular landscape, to highlight a specific detail that should be paid attention to. In this case, you need to especially tune in to positive and correct information. You can use musical accompaniment to enhance the effect. It is better to choose calm classics here that will help you tune in the right way.

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In all the variety of means and methods, there are three general channels for the creation and formation of a subjective attitude to nature. Namely: perceptual (the basis of creation is the sensory perception of a person); cognitive (this is when everything develops purely with the help of verbal information processing) and practical (in this case, direct interaction with nature will play the leading role). Depending on which channel is inherent in a particular person, he chooses for himself one of the main ways and means of conveying the beauty of nature.

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Fiction. It is a means and a way of enriching and accumulating a passive and active vocabulary in the transmission of the beauty of nature. Almost all works of art, including classical ones, are based on an extremely rich comparative and descriptive nature of the surrounding nature, for example, a description of landscapes, animals, and so on. The authors teach you to perceive seemingly inanimate nature as a spiritualized object. In this case, you can use various techniques and means of expressiveness of the Russian language, such as allegory, antithesis, lithote, hyperbole, metaphor, epithets, personification, and so on.

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Observation. It is one of the most important and main means of conveying the beauty of nature. In nature, there are a great many sources of the universal concept of beauty. These are landscapes, plants, fauna, and much more. With the perception of grace, proportionality or perfection, the beauty of sounds, a rich palette of colors and shades, the sense of perception is enhanced several times.

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Music. It is one of the most effective means of conveying the mood of nature, the harmony of living and inanimate, rhythm in the movements of animals.

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Art. This is the most important means that helps both to show your creativity and to express the inner perception of the beauty in nature with the help of the product of your own activity. Examples include appliqué, drawing, or sculpture.

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