How You Can Help Nature

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How You Can Help Nature
How You Can Help Nature

Video: How You Can Help Nature

Video: How You Can Help Nature
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The ecological situation on our planet is deteriorating every year. Thousands of tons of hazardous waste are dumped into rivers and other bodies of water, hectares of forests are cut down, and many species of animals are on the verge of complete extinction. In such a situation, help and respect for nature on the part of each person is not only very important, but also simply necessary.

How you can help nature
How you can help nature


Step 1

Start helping nature with your daily routines. If you find an unnecessary piece of paper in your pockets, do not throw it away on the street. Go to the nearest trash can or throw it out at home. The same should be done with cigarette butts, used chewing gum, and any other debris.

Step 2

When cleaning up your area, collect trash, dry grass and fallen leaves in designated bags, which you then throw into containers. Never burn it. During the summer, all plants collect a lot of poisons and compounds of heavy metals, which rise into the air with smoke, settle on the ground and in the lungs of a person. It is especially dangerous to burn polymer materials (rubber, paints, plastic bags, disposable dishes), because when they burn, they form dangerous toxic substances that contribute to the development of many serious diseases.

Step 3

Buy products in sustainable packaging. Prefer foods in glass or paper bags. Their processing is much faster and safer than, for example, plastic and plastic containers. And try not to purchase items with unnecessary packaging.

Step 4

Reuse the container. Plastic cups can be adapted for seedlings, boxes - for storing dishes or other things. Well, plastic bags are generally almost immortal.

Step 5

Give unnecessary things to other people. Clothes, toys or old furniture can always be useful to someone. In this way, you will help not only nature, but also people in need.

Step 6

Save water and energy. If you decide to go for a swim, choose a shower instead of a bath. Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth, because while you are brushing, a lot of water is poured out absolutely in vain. When washing or washing dishes, use a small pressure of water. Unplug unnecessary electrical appliances from the mains.

Step 7

Perhaps thanks to such little things, your children will be able to see many types of plants and animals live, and not in pictures in a book, breathe cleaner air and swim in the sea without fear.