Which Constellation On The Flag Of Alaska

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Which Constellation On The Flag Of Alaska
Which Constellation On The Flag Of Alaska

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The flag of the state of Alaska (USA) is one of the few in the world with a constellation in the background. And while the Southern Cross is featured on the flags of different countries, the constellation of the Alaska flag is not used anywhere else.

Alaska State Flag
Alaska State Flag

The images of stars on national flags are quite popular. But not many stars are combined into constellations. The flags of Australia and New Zealand are adorned with the Southern Cross, the most famous constellation in the Southern Hemisphere. If we take this principle as a basis, the constellation for the flag of Alaska was chosen very correctly.

Alaska flag insignia

The flag of the state of Alaska is blue. It is one of the national colors of the United States of America. It symbolizes mountain lakes and wildflowers that are rich in the lands of Alaska. The second color of the flag is gold (yellow), in which the eight stars depicted on the panel are painted. It means endless riches and recalls one of the symbols of Alaska - gold.

In the center of the flag are seven small five-pointed stars that form the constellation Ursa Major. It is undoubtedly the most recognizable and popular constellation in the Northern Hemisphere. Ursa Major is power, strength, severity and inflexibility under the pressure of difficulties, all those qualities without which it is impossible to survive in Alaska.

The upper right corner of the flag is decorated with a large gold star - Polaris. This is the star of adventurers and people of fortune: sailors, travelers, fishermen, lumberjacks, hunters, gold prospectors - pioneers of the lands of Alaska. And also the North Star speaks eloquently about the geographical position of the state, located in the extreme north of the continent of North America.

History of the flag of the state of Alaska

Alaska became a state and became part of the United States on January 3, 1959. But she received her flag almost thirty years earlier.

In 1926, a competition was announced by the American Legion of Alaska to design a flag of the Territory for high school students. The competition was initiated by Governor George Parks. The competition was won by a thirteen-year-old teenager Benny Benson.

The flag was approved as the official symbol of the Territory on May 2, 1927. Benny gave an accurate explanation for all colors and images. He said that blue is the sky over Alaska and its most common flower is forget-me-not. The North Star, according to the boy, signified the future and hope of Alaska, and also indicated that this is the northernmost territory of America. Benson associated the constellation Ursa Major with wealth and power.

Later, the Alaska State Anthem was written. Its peculiarity is that it is based on the description of the symbolism depicted on the flag. The anthem is called "Flag of Alaska".

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