What Did Elon Musk Invent?

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What Did Elon Musk Invent?
What Did Elon Musk Invent?

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The name of the inventor and businessman from the United States, Elon Musk, often appears in the news feed of many news agencies. According to some skeptics, even more often than scandalous stories about Hollywood stars. In fairness, it should be noted that this figure deserves attention for many reasons. Musk positions himself as the creator of new technologies and mechanisms. At all times, such topics have been of interest to people with a powerful intellect and a creative mission in life.

Elon Musk. Genius or hoaxer?
Elon Musk. Genius or hoaxer?

Success claim

Scientific and technological progress and interest on loans form the basis of the capitalist mode of production. Given the fair criticism of this economic order, one should agree that, thanks to the above mechanisms, the quality of life on our planet has significantly improved. However, the costs of this process - pollution of the atmosphere and water bodies, deforestation, the disappearance of many species of flora and fauna - should also be known and remembered. The biography of Elon Musk can serve as an example of a haphazard approach to solving problems that face individual countries and humanity as a whole.

The Musk family lived in South Africa, where the boy Ilon was born in 1971. The husband and wife prepared the boy for an independent life according to traditional methods. However, the child grew up withdrawn and constantly experienced problems when communicating with peers. At the same time, he had a phenomenal memory. At the age of ten, the child prodigy was presented with a computer, and this event can be called the beginning of commercial activity. Two years later, he created and sold his first computer game. The transaction price was $ 500.

The next significant step in life for the inventor is moving to Canada and studying at the university. He did not succeed in completing his education, since Elon was carried away by a promising project to create a computer company. A corresponding commercial structure was created for $ 30 thousand borrowed from relatives and sold for $ 300 thousand a couple of years later. Experts skeptical of Musk note that he is good at deals on the sale of certain products and even dubious projects.

Real results

Many are interested in how a celebrity lives, but only a few understand the true incentives that guide him. Elon Musk is used to thinking big and assessing the prospects of a particular project. The work on the electronic payment system has brought the desired result. Today, the PayPal payment system, created with the participation of Musk, is known all over the world. It should be noted that the inventor received worldwide fame and respect after the creation of a private company SpaceX to conquer space. There is still a lot to be done to fly to Mars, but the intermediate results give real hope to the hearts of science fiction writers.

Another large-scale project involving an investor and inventor is the creation of an electric car. With Musk's arrival at Tesla, the work here has revived significantly and specific technical problems have begun to be solved faster and better. The next of kin, with the help of investment from a cousin, set up a solar panel company. Interesting films have been made about this. Manufacturing is already generating real income.

An entrepreneur's career for Elon is developing quite satisfactorily. What can not be said about personal life. In a marriage with his first wife, he had five children. After eight years of living together, love melted, the couple broke up. After that, a well-known and wealthy businessman met with actresses and singers, but for some reason, not for long. We can say that at the moment he is in active search.

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