Who Won The US Elections

Who Won The US Elections
Who Won The US Elections

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The final battle between Romney and Obama ended in victory for the latter. According to the current system in the country, in order to become the president of America, a candidate must collect 270 electoral votes. The 2012 race ended with a score of 303: 206 in favor of Barack Obama.

Who won the 2012 US elections
Who won the 2012 US elections

In the United States, since the adoption of the constitution, a system of indirect elections has been in place. The final decision is made by an electoral college of 538 members. The number of representatives from each state is different, it depends on how the subject is represented in the Senate and Congress.

In 2012, the Americans had to cast their votes for one of two candidates. The biographies of both are very different, but typical stories for America. The first is an upper-class Mormon bishop and successful businessman, Mitt Romney, who has shown himself in politics as governor of Massachusetts and has already nominated himself for the presidency of the United States in 2008. The second is the first black president of America, who grew up without parents and made himself. Despite the collapse of many of his plans and the many difficulties that Obama faced during his four years of presidency, he again counts on the support of his country's citizens.

This year's presidential race turned out to be very tense, the candidates were almost on a par, alternately yielding the palm to one another. Each of the rounds of pre-election debates produced new results.

In the first dispute over the domestic policy of the country, Romney looked more attractive than his opponent and won a tacit victory. The incumbent himself admitted his speech unsuccessful. In the second round, Obama took revenge. He took a more aggressive stance, which he retained in further performances, and won a slight advantage in the third round. The government's actions during Hurricane Sandy, which the vast majority of Americans rated as "good" and "excellent," also added votes to the candidate's piggy bank.

During the last pre-election days, Obama and Romney traveled to the districts with speeches, attended rallies in undecided states such as Ohio, Florida, Colorado and others, and by November 6 the candidates came to the final with almost equal chances of winning. According to RealClearPolitics, Obama was ahead of Romney by only 0.7%.

The absence of the favorite of the race until the most iconic day fueled passion. Experts did not exclude the possibility of a draw. Then a recount of votes would have to be carried out, and the elections could drag on until mid-December. But this did not happen - Barack Obama had already gained the coveted 270 votes by the morning and won a landslide victory in the 2012 US presidential elections.

For the next four years, the fight against all the cataclysms that befall the country, the foreign and domestic policy of the United States will again come under his control.

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