When You Can Eat Fish In Lent

When You Can Eat Fish In Lent
When You Can Eat Fish In Lent

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During Great Lent, a believer, through self-restraint and visiting temples, tries to cleanse his soul. This is achieved, including by restrictions related to food intake. Fish also belongs to such products. When can you eat fish during Lent 2018?

When you can eat fish in Lent 2018
When you can eat fish in Lent 2018

Lent for Orthodox Christians begins immediately after Maslenitsa and ends with another, no less important holiday, Easter. In 2018, Great Lent began on February 19, and it will last until April 8, when it will be Christ's Bright Sunday. During this entire period, a believer should fast and exclude fish, meat, eggs and milk from his diet.

However, there are certain days on which certain indulgences in this prohibition are in effect. So fish is allowed to be consumed on Palm Sunday and the Annunciation of the Most Holy Theotokos.

Palm Sunday in 2018 will be April 1, and its date directly depends on Easter, because it is celebrated a week before it. On April 1, 2018, you can eat fish. It should be eaten boiled or steamed, but fried fish is undesirable. Before Palm Sunday there is Lazarev Saturday. On this day, it is allowed to eat fish caviar.

But the Annunciation of the Most Holy Theotokos in 2018 coincides with Great Saturday. Therefore, you should stop eating fish and continue to observe strict fasting. Moreover, it will be April 7, one day before Easter.

If you are fasting for the first time or there are some medical contraindications, then you can consult with your priest and, having received a blessing, introduce fish into your diet during Lent. This also applies to children and students. It is important to remember that in any fasting food should be simple, but sufficient to maintain strength.

It turns out that in 2018, during Lent, fish can only be eaten for one day - April 1.

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