Alexander Lykov: Biography, Career, Personal Life, Interesting Facts

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Alexander Lykov: Biography, Career, Personal Life, Interesting Facts
Alexander Lykov: Biography, Career, Personal Life, Interesting Facts

Alexander Lykov is a domestic actor. Performs on theatrical stage and acts in films. Gained fame after the release of the multi-part project "Streets of Broken Lanterns". He played a character nicknamed Casanova.

Actor Alexander Lykov
Actor Alexander Lykov

In 1961, in a small village called Rakhya, the future star of Russian cinema, Alexander Lykov, was born. This event took place on November 30 in a family far from the cinema.

The mother and grandmother were engaged in the upbringing of the child. Father left the family when Alexander was still very young. Mom worked at an optical and mechanical plant. She was a storekeeper. My grandmother worked as a cook.

The actor's childhood was not carefree and easy. At an early age, he was seriously injured after falling off a hill. Doctors claimed that the guy would remain disabled. However, Alexander himself did not share their opinions. He wanted to become a support for his family.

Actor Alexander Lykov
Actor Alexander Lykov

Alexander Lykov began to engage in gymnastics. He regularly performed exercises aimed at strengthening the spine and back. And after a few months, the doctors were amazed at the guy's success. He was able to surprise them. Alexander not only began to walk, but also achieved considerable success in sports. He practiced karate, earning a black belt. There were serious successes in biathlon as well.

Alexander Lykov was not going to become an actor. After leaving school, he decided to get a construction education. He entered the relevant school and successfully completed his studies. I learned about theatrical life in my last years. Alexander began to visit the acting studio, perform on stage.

Having received his diploma, Alexander realized that he did not want to work in his specialty. He entered the Leningrad Institute of Theater, Music and Cinematography. Educated under the guidance of Petrov.

Career in theater

Actor Alexander Lykov entered the stage only a year after receiving his diploma. He had to serve. Was drafted into a construction battalion.

Throughout his career, the artist has worked in several theaters. First, he got a job at the theater. Lensovet. He was invited to this institution during his studies. Having played in several dozen performances, the actor Alexander Lykov moved to the Theater for Young Spectators named after. Bryantsev. But in this institution he did not work for a long time.

Alexander Lykov and Igor Lifanov
Alexander Lykov and Igor Lifanov

The artist himself stated that he changed his place of work as soon as it became boring. After the Youth Theater, he got a job at the theater at Liteiny. Performs on stage at the present stage, despite the busy shooting schedule.

Success in cinematography

The filmography of Alexander Lykov began to be regularly replenished in the distant 1990s. At first, he received cameo roles. But even in minor scenes he showed himself brightly. He skillfully demonstrated all facets of his talent. He got his first role in the children's newsreel "Yeralash".

The first success came after the release of the movie "You are the only one with me." Alexander played a gay. The scene in which our hero appeared was not big. However, Alexander played his role masterfully. He was noticed by directors and spectators.

The main role was not long in coming. Actor Alexander Lykov played the leading character in the film "The Choppy Groom". This project did not bring him much popularity. However, the number of proposals from directors has increased several times.

Alexander made famous the role in the motion picture "Operation" Happy New Year ". And after the release of the film project "Street of Broken Lanterns", Alexander's popularity increased markedly. He played a character nicknamed Casanova. On the same set, such actors as Alexei Nilov, Anastasia Melnikova, Mikhail Trukhin, Sergey Selin and Oscar Kuchera worked with him.

Alexander Lykov
Alexander Lykov

With each next project, the actor's fame only increased. There were such films with Alexander as "Gangster Petersburg", "Lost the Sun", "Saboteur". He played even minor roles brightly. It is necessary to highlight such projects in the filmography of Alexander as "Turkish Gambit", "Favorsky", "Kazarosa".

You can see the actor on the television show "The Last Hero". On the island, Alexander spent several months with such stars as Elena Proklova, Marina Alexandrova, Igor Livanov, Olga Orlova.

Alexander's filmography includes more than 100 projects. Of the latest films, one should single out "Seven Dinners", "Grand", "Rubezh", "Adaptation", "Year of Culture", "Cuba". At the present stage, Alexander is working on the creation of a multi-part project "Grand". On the same set, he starred with Mila Sivatskaya and Elizaveta Kononova.

Outside the set

In Alexander Lykov's personal life, everything is going well. He has been married for over 30 years. His wife's name is Alla. Alexander has children - daughter Ekaterina and son Matvey.

Alexander Lykov with his family
Alexander Lykov with his family

Matvey has already managed to prove himself. He works as fashion models in America. He managed to achieve great heights in the modeling field. He also made his debut on the set. You can see him in the movie "He's a Dragon". Matvey Lykov starred in the title role with Maria Poezzhaeva.

Interesting Facts

  1. Actor Alexander Lykov, after training at the theater school, served in the army. But the artist himself claims that he did not "serve", but "served". Mostly former prisoners served with him in one unit.
  2. To get the role of Casanova, Alexander had to kiss the girl while watching. The situation was complicated by the fact that his wife, who also works as the director of the artist, came with him to the casting. Alexander coped with the excitement. A significant role in this was played by his wife, who shouted that he could kiss more convincingly.
  3. During his studies at the institute, Alexander worked as a salesman. Together with a friend, he sold watermelons in the market.
  4. In the movie "Seven Dinners" Alexander agreed to act only because his hero was silent throughout the episode. The actor did not utter a single line.
  5. While working on the creation of the film "Khrustalev, Machine", the artist had to learn how to operate a tractor. It took 2 weeks. During the training, Alexander managed to overwhelm the tractor on its side and drive it into the swamp.
  6. A popular man came to the cinema as a stuntman. But over time he became an actor. In films, he performs almost all the tricks on his own. Alexander is especially fond of fencing.