Alexander Alexandrovich Ilyin: Biography, Career, Personal Life, Interesting Facts

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Alexander Alexandrovich Ilyin: Biography, Career, Personal Life, Interesting Facts
Alexander Alexandrovich Ilyin: Biography, Career, Personal Life, Interesting Facts

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Alexander Alexandrovich Ilyin is a popular domestic film actor among the audience. In addition to working on the set, he is engaged in music. He has his own group. He became famous immediately after the release of the first episodes of the television project "Interns".

Actor Alexander Ilyin
Actor Alexander Ilyin

Alexander Ilyin was born into a creative family. This event happened on November 22, 1983. His father is also an actor. And his name is also Alexander. The artist's brothers also linked their lives with cinema. Their names are Ilya and Alexei. Popular among moviegoers and the uncle of our hero - Vladimir Ilyin. Naturally, only an actor could be born in such a family.

Alexander's childhood was ordinary. He studied, played football. I planned to be not an actor, but a clergyman. However, several years passed, and the guy decided to continue the family business.

Alexander made his way to the cinema thanks to his own strength. He did not need help from well-known relatives. Having received a certificate, Alexander passed the exams at the Shchepkinsky school on the first attempt. After graduating from his studies, he performed on the stage of the Theater of the Russian Army for several years. Then there was a service at the RAMT. In 2006, Alexander Ilyin decided to devote all his attention to his acting career, so he stopped performing on the stage.

Film career

Alexander played his debut role at an early age. He appeared as a messenger in the movie "Little Things in Life". He got the next role 5 years later. The filmography of Alexander Ilyin was replenished with the film project "Schizophrenia".

Roles in projects such as "Simple Truths" and "Cadets" did not bring much popularity to the beginning artist. But the directors noticed him. Began to receive invitations to participate in the filming, from which our hero did not even think to refuse.

A truly famous and beloved actor, Alexander Ilyin became, starring in the film project "Interns". Got the role of Lobanov. Together with him on the set worked such actors as Christina Asmus, Ivan Okhlobystin and Ilya Glinnikov.

Alexander Ilyin as Lobanov Semyon
Alexander Ilyin as Lobanov Semyon

In the filmography of Alexander Ilyin, it is necessary to highlight such films as "Coach", "Time of the First", "The Legend of Kolovrat", "Translator".

Musical career

In 2010, Alexander Ilyin founded his own punk band. The name was invented by the whole team. The musicians perform under the original name "Lomonosov's Plan". In his own group, Alexander is the vocalist.

The first album went on sale a year after the band was founded. A few months later, the second album was recorded. For a couple of years, several more discs were published.

Off-set success

Alexander Ilyin does not like to talk about his personal life. It turned out that he has a common-law wife and a child. Alexander met his wife Julia as a child. They rested together at the same dacha. The girl is 6 years younger than the actor. It has nothing to do with the field of cinema.

Alexander Ilyin with his family
Alexander Ilyin with his family

In 2018, Julia gave birth to a child. The happy parents named their son Alexander. There is no question of a wedding yet. According to Alexander, they feel comfortable even without a stamp in their passport.

Interesting Facts

  1. Alexander Ilyin is a football fan. If possible, attends the matches of the CSKA team.
  2. Alexander left the theater when he finally realized that it became boring to perform on stage.
  3. Alexander is fond of mountain tourism. The actor is interested in topics such as metaphysics and philosophy.
  4. He got his first role when he was 9 years old.
  5. During filming in the multi-part project "Interns" Alexander managed to get injured. He broke his leg. Because of this, the writers had to come up with new stories to justify the appearance in the frame of the actor with a plaster cast.

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