Izolda Vasilievna Izvitskaya: Biography, Career And Personal Life

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Izolda Vasilievna Izvitskaya: Biography, Career And Personal Life
Izolda Vasilievna Izvitskaya: Biography, Career And Personal Life

Video: Izolda Vasilievna Izvitskaya: Biography, Career And Personal Life

Video: Izolda Vasilievna Izvitskaya: Biography, Career And Personal Life
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Isolde Izvitskaya was once a very popular actress. The peak of her fame came in the 50s of the last century. The fate of this beautiful and talented woman is like a zigzag of ups and downs. It is a pity that her "star", which burned so brightly, quickly extinguished.

Izolda Vasilievna Izvitskaya: biography, career and personal life
Izolda Vasilievna Izvitskaya: biography, career and personal life


Izolda Vasilievna was born on June 21, 1932 in the city of Dzerzhinsk. Her father was a chemist, and her mother worked as a teacher, taught acting and directed the local Palace of Pioneers.

Isolde often visited her mother at work and watched the young artists. When she grew up, her mother enrolled her in a drama club. The girl really liked to study in it, and from the very childhood she dreamed of a big stage.

After graduating from school, Isolde secretly left her parents for Moscow and submitted documents to VGIK. She was accepted and enrolled in a course with Olga Pyzhova and Boris Bibikov.

Career and creative life of Izvitskaya

Izvitskaya began acting in films while still a student. Her first roles were episodic, but thanks to this work, the young actress gained experience and confidence in her abilities.

The first big role of Izolda Izvitskaya after graduating from VGIK was Anna Zalogina in the film "First Echelon". The audience liked the picture, and it was then that the first success came to Izvitskaya. In the same year, she starred in the comedy Good Morning, where Tatyana Konyukhova played the main role.

Real fame and love of the audience appeared in Isolde Izvitskaya after filming in the film "Forty-first" by Grigory Chukhrai. All leading publications began to write about the beautiful actress, journalists literally attacked Izvitskaya, and her fans simply adored her. In Paris, they even named a cafe in her honor. It was not without criticism, but the director persuaded Isolde not to react to the barbs of the press.

Izvitskaya was included in the Association for Cultural Relations with Latin American Countries, and as an active member of the union, she visited many European capitals and major cities in America.

In 1957, Izvitskaya starred in the comedy "To the Black Sea", where she played a student, and her partners were Evgeny Samoilov and Anatoly Kuznetsov.

In the same year, The Inimitable Spring, a drama in which Izvitskaya played a young archaeologist, was released. Remarkably, the film also starred such "stars" as Alexander Mikhailov, Nina Dorosheva and Irina Skobtseva.

The pictures in which Izolda Vasilievna starred were successful, but somehow they were quickly forgotten by the audience. In the future, she still played several large roles, after which a recession began in her career.

The actress was very hard on the loss of popularity, as a result, she began to abuse alcohol.

Despite the addiction, from time to time Izvitskaya still appeared on the big screen. Among the films of that period were: "A Man Changes His Skin", "Peace to the Incoming", "Armageddon" and others.

On the set of the film "Calling Fire on Ourselves" it became obvious that the actress had big problems with alcohol. The bosses of Mosfilm called Izvitskaya for a conversation, she was strongly advised to see a narcologist and undergo a rehabilitation course, but Izolda refused.

Her last role was an episode in the film by Samson Samsonov "Every evening at eleven".

Personal life and tragic departure

Isolde's first relationship was during his student days with Vyacheslav Korotkov.

Then she lived for 3 years in a civil marriage with Randero Muratov. She left him for her future spouse, colleague on the set - Eduard Bredun. However, the marriage ended unsuccessfully, the husband left Isolde for another woman.

Simple in her career, failures in her personal life and chronic alcoholism undermined Izvitskaya's health. She died in 1971 at the age of 38. She was found in her own apartment only a week after her death. Isolde Vasilievna was buried at the Vostryakovskoye cemetery.