Gabin Jean: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Gabin Jean: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Gabin Jean: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Jean Gabin became famous even before World War II and worked in films for about fifty years. On screen, he usually played courageous and internally independent characters. And it is not at all surprising that he had no end to his fans. Although, of course, the spectacular appearance was not the only advantage of Gabin. He was a really great actor, the pride of French cinema.

Gabin Jean: biography, career, personal life
Gabin Jean: biography, career, personal life

Jean Gabin before World War II

Jean Gabin (this is a pseudonym, real name Jean-Alexis Moncorget) was born in Paris in the spring of 1904. His mother and father made a living performing in cabaret. At first, Jean Gabin did not want to follow in their footsteps. After graduating from a communal school, he worked as a railroad worker and as a courier. And at the same time he went in for sports - football and boxing. But at some point, eighteen-year-old Gaben still decided to try himself on the stage and signed up as an extra in the pop theater "Foley Bergere". Here he played in musical operettas, appearing, as a rule, in the role of a "funny boyfriend". During this period, he met the wonderful actress Gaby Bassett. In 1925, she became his wife, and this marriage lasted about five years.

In the late twenties, Gaben played in two silent short films, but his real film debut should be considered the role of a clothing store salesman in the musical film Let Everyone Be Lucky (1930). And they began to perceive Gabin as a talented dramatic artist after his role in the film "Maria Chapdelaine" (directed by Julien Duvivier).

In 1933, Jean married a second time to the beautiful dancer Jeanne Moson. Jeanne was a domineering woman. She strove to deal with her husband's affairs, build his career, and at some point Gabin began to annoy. However, disagreements on some issues did not prevent them from becoming parents of two children.

In the second half of the thirties, Jean Gabin continued to shine on the screen - his participation in Jean Renoir's films The Great Illusion (1937) and The Man-Beast (1938, based on the novel by Emile Zola with the same title) was especially significant. Also, many viewers remembered Gaben for his work in films by Marcel Kanye - "Embankment of Mists" and "The Day Begins".

The relationship between Gaben and Jeanne Moson actually ended in 1939, but litigation and divorce dragged on until 1943.

Gaben during and after the war

The Second World War interrupted Gabin's acting career. He did not want to remain in France, occupied by Nazi troops, and left for the United States. But in Hollywood, he was able to get roles in only two not very significant films. Gaben did not have a good relationship with American film producers. The reason is trivial: the actor had a difficult character and was not always ready to compromise.

Ultimately, Gabin left Hollywood in 1943, enlisted in the army and flew to the front in Algeria. Soon he became the commander of the tank's crew and even reached in this capacity to Hitler's headquarters in Bavarian Bertechsgaden.

Gaben returned to the cinema in 1946, starring in the film Martin Rumagnac. His partner on the set was the famous actress Marlene Dietrich. Gabin also had an affair with her - many articles and books have been written about the beautiful relationship of these two movie stars. But still they were destined to part: Marlene Dietrich flew to Hollywood, Gaben remained in his beloved France.

In the second half of the forties, Gabin starred in several more films, but none of them had significant success. It seemed that Gabin's acting career had come to an end. But his personal life improved. In 1949, Gabin formalized a relationship with fashion model Dominique Fournier, and this marriage turned out to be very happy for the actor. Dominique and Jean lived together for 27 years, they had three children together.

Return to cinema, final years and death

Gabin's triumphant return to cinema happened in 1954. This year the gangster movie "Don't Touch the Prey" was released, where Gaben played a robber named Max. The work of the aged actor was highly appreciated by critics - he was presented with the award for Best Actor at the Venice Film Festival. After that, tapes with Jean's participation were published one after another. He played both unemployed vagabonds, and great detectives, and high-ranking officials …

Gaben worked until his death. In his last film (known as "The Holy Year"), the artist starred in 1976. In the same year, Gaben died of complications from a lung disease. In full accordance with the will, the actor was cremated, after which his ashes were scattered over the Iroise Sea.

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