For What Reasons Do People Get Married

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For What Reasons Do People Get Married
For What Reasons Do People Get Married

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The family is a unit of society, and marital status gives certain advantages. This can be simple public approval, or even preferential participation in state social programs that are not available to bachelors. One way or another, there are not so few reasons why people get married.


For love

Hopefully, the most common reason to legitimize your relationship is sincere love for each other. Young people trust their feelings so much that they are ready to live together all their lives, give birth to children, and raise grandchildren. Of course, the union may fall apart after a few years, but this does not mean that the reason for the wedding was in something else. It's just that feelings sometimes pass …

By calculation

Oftentimes, weddings of convenience happen in society. So they say when the spouses do not experience mutual love. One of the halves uses the other for selfish motives. For example, a passion has a lot of material capital or influential parents who can arrange a career for a newly-made family member. Such marriages can be unequal not only socially and materially, but also in terms of age, when the spouses have an indecently large age difference. However, in such situations there are exceptions, but it is very difficult to believe that a young girl is marrying an old man for love. Life experience suggests: by calculation.

Such a variety as a sham marriage also belongs to the category of "convenience", but here it is not necessary for one of the spouses to own significant capital. A fictitious marriage can solve the issues of registration for an emigrant who wants to stay in the country. It can be for the sake of social approval, for example, in politics, when it is indecent for a candidate for deputy to be single - this can lower his electoral rating. The other half also gets their profits - monetary rewards or any services.

A tribute to tradition

Sometimes people get married because they "have to". This is required, again, by social norms, traditions, and it is very difficult to resist them, even if there is no meaningful desire to marry. The age of single people, approaching 40, prompts the same idea - it is necessary. We must bear children, we must look for half, so as not to be a lonely helpless old man in old age. Here, to the "must" is also added a feeling of fear of a lonely future.

Unexpected child

The reason for the wedding can be an unplanned pregnancy of the partner. And a man, realizing his responsibility for the unborn child, marries a girl in a position. Such a marriage has a dissonant popular name - "on the fly", but it is not doomed to divorce. A child can unite the young, living together, albeit forced at first, is quite capable of developing into a strong feeling.

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