The Best Films About Psychologists

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The Best Films About Psychologists
The Best Films About Psychologists

Video: The Best Films About Psychologists

Video: The Best Films About Psychologists
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Films about psychoanalysts, psychologists and psychotherapists are popular among a wide range of viewers. This is explained by the fact that the viewer can often see himself in patients.

The best films about psychologists
The best films about psychologists

Films, where the main character is a psychologist or psychoanalyst, arouse great interest among the public, because one way or another they allow you to look into your own inner world.

Perhaps, the Americans have achieved the greatest success in the filming of films about psychologists, because it is for them that a psychoanalyst is something musthave.

FinalAnalysis, 1992

This film can definitely be called "star": it stars Richard Gere, Kim Besinger and Uma Thurman.

A successful doctor, good psychoanalyst Isaac Barr (Gere) is in the process of solving the psychological problems of a young woman, Diana (Thurman). At a certain point, Diana suggests that her sister Heather (Besinger) should be involved in the treatment. The doctor could not have imagined that he would be drawn into the insidious game of the sisters at the risk of their own lives.

The film was shot in the tradition of Hitchcock's psychological cinema, while there is an almost "close to the text" reproduction of some scenes from Hitchcock's films. The tension does not let go of the viewer throughout the entire film, and the denouement turns out to be completely unexpected.

It is noteworthy that for her role in this film, Kim Besinger in 1992 was nominated for MTVMovieAward as "The Most Desirable Woman", and the next year for the GoldenRaspberry - for the worst female role.

The Final Analysis is filled with detailed pictures of the specialist's work with patients and can be a kind of short excursion into modern psychoanalysis.

Color of Night, 1994

Successful New York psychoanalyst Bill Cape (Bruce Willis) falls into deep depression after a patient is thrown out of a skyscraper window during his session. The psychological trauma is so deep that Cape can no longer distinguish between red. To somehow unwind, he goes to visit his friend, also a psychoanalyst, in Los Angeles. The very next day, a friend is brutally killed, and Cape has no choice but to take his patients to himself.

Soon Bill meets the beautiful Rose, with whom he has a passionate romance. However, Rose is not at all as simple as it seems.

The film contains a number of explicit scenes, which could not fail to attract the attention of censorship and the press. Almost immediately, rumors spread about the romance of the already rather mature Willis and the young Jane March, who played Rose.

The sessions of psychoanalysis are presented in some detail, the images of the patients are clearly spelled out.

The original soundtrack for the film can be called one of the most beautiful love songs of that year.

The Sixth Sense, 1999

Bruce Willis again. Now as child psychotherapist Malcolm Crowe. One of his patients never found peace of mind and as a result of a nervous breakdown, sneaking into his psychoanalyst's house, shot him. Further events unfold around Crowe's work with an autistic child, who is the ghosts of deceased people. Crowe does not immediately understand what actually connects him with this little patient.

For the first time this film was released on the birthday of the director of the picture. Over 80 million Americans watched the film the following year.