How To Get Into Peacekeepers

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How To Get Into Peacekeepers
How To Get Into Peacekeepers

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Almost everyone in the country knows that our military is taking part in peacekeeping operations around the world. This information is constantly on the lips, it is reported in the news on television, in newspapers and on the radio. Special attention in rumors about peacekeepers is paid to their considerable salaries and colorful life abroad. Many young guys dream of joining the peacekeeping contingent: some for earning money, and some for good purposes. But despite the prevalence of rumors, few people know what it takes to become a peacemaker.

How to get into peacekeepers
How to get into peacekeepers


Step 1

Reach 25 years of age. Serve in a department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for at least 5 years. Master the confident possession of firearms, get a driving license of category "B" with experience of at least 2 years. Learn English or French. Have excellent health and fitness. Only by fulfilling all these criteria will you be able to apply to join the peacekeeping contingent.

Step 2

Contact the ATC personnel department. They usually have lists of personnel required by the peacekeeping contingent. If there are no such lists, then try to find out who is the peacemaker in your area. Try to meet this person. The fact is that after the peacekeeper's business trip ends, he submits a report in which, in one of the points, he recommends someone at his place of work for service in UN peacekeeping operations. Ask this person to point you.

Step 3

Get a medical examination. High demands are placed on the state of health and psyche of peacekeepers. For example, if you have large moles on your body, you will most likely be rejected. The fact is that all UN missions mainly take place in Africa and if the mole is ripped off, then in these conditions it will be difficult to stop the blood and the likelihood of blood poisoning increases.

Step 4

Get a lens certificate and a statement signed by the head of the ATC. Go to the Peacekeeping Training Center in Moscow with all the documents, where you will pass the entrance tests. Upon admission, undergo training at the Center.

Step 5

Pass successfully the exams of the UN Foreign Commission. This stage is the most difficult. It includes 4 stages of exams in English or French, 3 stages of shooting, 3 stages of driving an all-wheel drive car.

Step 6

Go through the credentials committee with the participation of the head of the ATP of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. After that, await a decision on your entry into the ranks of the peacekeeping contingent.

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