How To Get Into Special Forces In Ukraine

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How To Get Into Special Forces In Ukraine
How To Get Into Special Forces In Ukraine

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Special Forces are the elite of any army. In Ukraine, there are currently special forces troops, and serving in them is a dream for any soldier. How to get into this elite military unit designed to fight terrorists and perform the most difficult tasks?

How to get into special forces in Ukraine
How to get into special forces in Ukraine


Step 1

Have excellent health. Any deficiencies in the state of the body and physical defects, for example, such as a curvature of the sinus, osteomas on the hands, can become a reason for refusal to be admitted to special forces.

Step 2

Have a crystal clear bio. The special forces cannot be convicted, as well as those who have not passed the tests for moral stability. The use of alcohol and drugs is naturally unacceptable.

Step 3

Improve your physical fitness. Serving in the elite special forces requires tremendous endurance, strength, and firmness of character. Survival skills, hiking skills, shooting ranks and some other sports can be very useful.

Step 4

Depending on the specific type of troops, you can get into the special forces in different ways.

Serve in the army. Spetsnaz units are mainly formed from fighters who have chosen contract service.

Step 5

If your physical fitness is ideal, you can get into the special forces immediately after completing the course of a young fighter, but there is a great risk that you will simply not be noticed.

Step 6

To get into the GRU special forces, enter the military academy. With great learning outcomes, your chances will increase dramatically.

Step 7

Improve your knowledge of computer technology, radio electronics, communication skills. All this knowledge can play a decisive role in the selection process.

Step 8

Look for acquaintances in veterans' clubs, communicate with those who are in this environment. Those who have already served in the special forces can help with advice and help with the definition in the desired branch of the military.

Step 9

Contact the district military registration and enlistment office with the appropriate request, indicating the type of troops in which you would like to get.

Step 10

Unfortunately, there is a lot to buy in our world. There are eyewitnesses that a simple bribe and connections can help get into the special forces, of course, if the above points are available.

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