How To Write A Review About A Book

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How To Write A Review About A Book
How To Write A Review About A Book

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Sometimes we need to write a review about a book. Especially often it is necessary for schoolchildren and their parents to do this, but the rest will also need to know how to write a review if they have to recommend something from what they read to their friends.

How to write a review about a book
How to write a review about a book


Step 1

The easiest way to write a review of a book is by following certain points. In the first paragraph, you should briefly tell the plot of the work - how the book begins, what happens in it in the course of the action, and how it ends.

Step 2

Next, write how the plot of the book you read seemed to you - interesting, exciting, or, conversely, boring and memorable.

Step 3

Tell us about the heroes of the work - which of them you especially liked, who did not like, and why. There is no need to describe all the heroes, of which there can be a lot in great works. Write about the most important, as well as those who made the most vivid impression on you. 2-3 heroes are enough for a review of the book.

Step 4

Remember what events, descriptions, plot twists in the book seemed unusual to you. Describe how they impressed you.

Step 5

The next thing to write about in a review is what is the main idea of ​​the book you read, its main theme. It happens that this question is not so easy to answer. For example, describing the work of L. Tolstoy "War and Peace", boys usually answer that it is about war, and girls - that it is about love. But it normal. A good piece usually has several themes. Write about the one that seemed to be the main one for you.

Step 6

Tell us what you read in the book made you think. If after reading the book you have any thoughts related to what you read, also add them to your review.

Step 7

The last thing to say is why, in your opinion, the writer wrote this book, what he wanted to convey to his readers. Also write if you agree with the opinion of the author, or, in your opinion, he is mistaken about something.

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