What Is The Book "Adventures Of Electronics" About?

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What Is The Book "Adventures Of Electronics" About?
What Is The Book "Adventures Of Electronics" About?

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Evgeny Veltistov wrote the fantastic tetralogy "The Adventures of Electronics", which has become a favorite among many generations. This is a hymn to cybernetics, its limitless possibilities.

What is this book about
What is this book about

Evgeny Veltistov became famous for his tetralogy about Electronics. It includes the books "Electronics - a boy from a suitcase" (1964), "Russie - an elusive friend" (1971), "Winner of the Impossible" (1975), "New Adventures of Electronics" (1989).


The heroes of the book are seventh graders, and then eighth graders of the seventies, who meet with a wonderful cybernetic boy created by Professor Gromov. Accidentally seeing a photo of Sergei Syroezhkin in a magazine, Gromov decides to give his creation the appearance of this mischievous boy.

It so happened that Sergei and Elektronik met. The plot of the book is based on this. Syroezhkin's dream has come true. The cybernetic double began to go to school for him, amazing teachers and classmates with his extraordinary abilities. Elektronik made many friends, the girl Maya began to like him, and Syroezhkin realized how sad it is when your place is taken. He finds the courage to tell the truth.

The friendship between Elektronika and Syroezhkin gave the heroes what they did not have: Syroezhkin understood how important it is to achieve everything on his own, and Elektronik gained the ability to experience emotions.

In the story "Rassie is an elusive friend" Electronic creates a cybernetic dog, which becomes an assistant in the fight against the negative hero von Krug, who kills rare animals, making them thieves. Syroezhkin is again confused with Electronic. He is kidnapped by von Circle's assistant Mick Urry in order to understand how Professor Gromov managed to create a robot endowed with human emotions. But friends with the help of Russie punish the villain.

In the third part, which is called "The Winner of the Impossible", the heroes who have become eighth graders make discoveries that are beyond the power of scientists. They quarrel, reconcile, like ordinary children, but science fascinates them most of all.

In the fourth part "New Adventures of Electronics" Gromov creates a girl - a robot named Elechka. The events of the story unfold in a pioneer camp, where Elechka, communicating with children, becomes like a person. She is worried about questions that are important for teenagers. She asks Electronics what love is and is looking for an answer to this difficult question.

Elektronik and Elechka at the end of the book become people.

The fate of Veltistov's tetralogy

After the success of the book, Evgeny Veltistov created the script for the film "The Adventures of Electronics", which modern children enjoy watching. They know electronics from the film, not from the book.

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