How To Get A Grant For A Socially Significant Project

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How To Get A Grant For A Socially Significant Project
How To Get A Grant For A Socially Significant Project

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Creating a social project is like organizing a business: the same complex processes, the same promotion, financial investments are also required. If for business financial investments - investments - can be attracted on mutually beneficial terms with the investor or at a certain percentage, then in the case of a social project the situation is different.

How to get a grant for a socially significant project
How to get a grant for a socially significant project

It is necessary

Project, self-confidence, clear goals


Step 1

First of all, it is necessary to understand that a social project has a certain social function, that is, the main and main goal will be precisely the implementation of this most socially significant goal. Therefore, funds for the implementation of the project must be sought from those individuals and organizations that are, in fact, engaged in social development. First of all, these are non-profit organizations and government bodies.

Step 2

Having identified the sources of funding, it is necessary to understand the specific existing forms of obtaining funding, one of the main types of which are grants.

Today, grant support is carried out in a large number of areas: culture, science, education, rural development. Receiving a grant, as a rule, is possible on the basis of a competition or within the framework of a targeted program. The list of targeted programs is published on the websites of federal and regional authorities.

Step 3

Thus, having found a provision on the provision of grants on the website of your regional executive body (Government, Administration), carefully read the list of projects eligible for funding, since it is the discrepancy between the goals of grant support and your project that will be the basis for rejection of the project by the selection committee.

Step 4

The regulation on granting the grant specifies in detail the procedure for holding the competition and the list of required documents. I recommend not to leave the submission of documents on the last day of the allotted time, but to bring them in advance, while the organizers of the competition, having reviewed the documents in advance, can help you if not all of them correspond to the form, correct or deliver the documents, and not remove you from the competition for the first stage.

Step 5

The tender documentation itself is a list of questions to which you must give detailed answers. So, when filling out the goals, objectives and ideology of the project, describe in as much detail as possible your vision of the essence of the project, how its implementation can affect the life of the population of the territory or the health and well-being of the target audience. Be careful about identifying and describing your target audience. Describe the expected results as concretely as possible in quantitative terms, if possible, describe them in dynamics, build graphs, back up with statistics.

Step 6

Of no small importance for the recognition of your project as a grant recipient will be data on the events already held within the framework of the social project, on the participation of organizers in events related to the project in the region or at the interregional level. The decisive role will be played by the presentation of your project before the commission, if the conditions of the competition require it. It is like defending your diploma: speak confidently, with enthusiasm and emphasize the significance and results of the project.

Step 7

Based on the results of the competition, the amount of the won grant, in case of victory, is transferred to your bank account, if you have one. Most often, the money is transferred to the account of the non-profit organization you specified, if you yourself have not created a legal entity for the project (and this is not required if the project is short-term).In this case, it is necessary to find a friendly organization that will agree not only to sign an agreement to receive funds from the grantor, but also to handle all financial issues related to the expenditure of grant funds and reporting on the allocated funds.

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