Registration Of A Social Project

Registration Of A Social Project
Registration Of A Social Project

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A social project is a set of measures in accordance with which the activities of a public organization are carried out. Projects touch upon socially significant problems, substantiate and propose solutions.

Registration of a social project
Registration of a social project

The social project consists of 13 main sections.

Title page. The title page must indicate the name of the project, its authors, the name and address of the organization, the chief accountant of the project, the territory of implementation, the date of the start and completion of the project, as well as its budget (in rubles).

Annotation. The annotation should indicate the main idea of ​​the project, the target audience, the required resources and the timing of the project. It will be a big plus if you indicate the strengths of the project and its differences from similar ones. Annotation is a brief description of a social project that is addressed to potential resource providers and business partners.

Description of the organization. In this section, you must show that your community organization is reliable and promising. Write down general information about the organization (when, where and by whom it was established, number), specific goals for the next three years (usually expressed in quantitative indicators), history of the association (dynamics of development, connections, important events and successes). Indicate the direction of activity and experience (areas of activity, main programs, results achieved, implemented and implemented projects), partnerships and prospects for the development of the public association.

Justification of the need for the project. How relevant is this problem in society? How is your project original and different from others of a similar theme?

Goals and objectives. The goal is a conscious image of the anticipated result, towards the achievement of which a person's actions are directed. Tasks - a detailed specific goal that reveals its scope and specific actions listed.

Project Implementation Methods - A method is a tool by which the goal of a project is achieved. That is, a description of how the project will be carried out.

Project management. Specifically indicate what "positions" are needed for the implementation of the project besides the head. How many volunteers are required and which specialists should be involved.

Work plan for the implementation of the project. Describe what actions you will perform in stages:

1. Organizational and informational stage. Creation of a group, organizational conditions, information support.

2. The main stage. The main work on the implementation of the project.

3. Final-promising. Summing up the results of activities, working out prospects for its further development, post-releases and information coverage.

Expected results. Expected results are specific results that are expected to be achieved during the implementation of the project in quantitative and qualitative terms. Results must be realistic, achievable and measurable.

Methods for evaluating results. The project appraisal plan should be well developed and the tools described. The evaluation criteria must be adequate to the results. Quantitative and qualitative indicators must be convincing and valid.

A plan for the further development of the project. Is the project planned to be one-time or permanent? Will the target audience or territory change?

Budget. What resources do we need to implement the project and in what quantity (human, material, financial resources). We need to assess what resources we have and what are needed. And where can we get the missing resources.

Press release and commercial offer. These documents are annotated and change based on need. Press releases are sent to all media outlets, and commercial offers are sent to potential sponsors.

Social projects in this form can be submitted for participation in grants and fund competitions.

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