How To Write To The President Of Ukraine

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How To Write To The President Of Ukraine
How To Write To The President Of Ukraine

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Typically, letters to the president are written by citizens desperate to achieve justice on the ground. Most often they complain about law enforcement agencies, regional or municipal authorities. It is not the president himself who responds to such letters as standard - there is a whole staff of assistants for this.

How to write to the President of Ukraine
How to write to the President of Ukraine


Step 1

You can refer directly to the head of, for example, the Russian state on its official website. The official resource of the President of Ukraine - - does not provide for this - the right to write to the head of state directly was canceled even under Viktor Yushchenko.

Step 2

The constitution allows any citizen of the state to address the president with a message. Remember that such a letter needs to set out really serious and real problems and questions. Insignificant information and slander are not considered by the president's commission.

Step 3

You can leave your appeal to Viktor Yanukovych at the Presidential Administration. If you will be doing this via email, write a letter in Word format. Remember that the limit for a message to the president is 5 thousand characters. Then send the text as an attachment to the Administration's mailbox - [email protected] You can write an unlimited number of times from one e-mail, with a frequency of no more than once every 5 minutes, and most importantly, in essence.

Step 4

If your letter is accompanied by a large number of documents and photographs, send it by regular mail, also to the address of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine - 01220, Kiev, st. Bankova, 11. In this case, the text of the appeal itself can be more than 5 thousand characters. However, try to be short and to the point. Indicate in the message your last name, first name and patronymic, contacts, passport data. Add a number and signature. It is advisable to write a letter to the President of Ukraine in Ukrainian.

Step 5

By law, the consideration of such letters should not take more than a few days. After a certain period of time, you will receive an official reply to your mailbox.

Step 6

There is a website in Ukraine where in the section you can also write a letter to Viktor Yanukovych. All letters from this resource are sent to the Presidential Secretariat for consideration. The website also publishes questions already asked to the head of state and answers to them.

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