How To Write A Complaint To The President Of The Russian Federation

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How To Write A Complaint To The President Of The Russian Federation
How To Write A Complaint To The President Of The Russian Federation

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The President of the Russian Federation is the guarantor of the rights and freedoms of citizens. You need to contact him with a complaint when all other instances have been passed, but a solution to the problematic issue has not been found. So that the letter does not get lost, so that its meaning is correctly understood by employees of the presidential administration, you need to adhere to certain rules for drafting and drawing up a document.

How to write a complaint to the President of the Russian Federation
How to write a complaint to the President of the Russian Federation

It is necessary

  • - A4 paper;
  • - fountain pen;
  • - the envelope;
  • - the computer on which the text editor is installed has Internet access.


Step 1

Prepare the text of the complaint. It is better to do this first on a draft, so that an illiterate and confused story does not end up on the table of the head of state. In the letter, briefly describe the background of the situation. List the reasons that lead you to contact the president directly. Omit insignificant details and overly emotional expressions. Write competently and to the point. Be sure to clearly state your request.

Step 2

Your complaint will not be accepted for consideration if: - the text contains obscene and offensive expressions; - the letter is illegible or printed in Russian, but in Latin letters; - the sender's address is indicated incorrectly; - the appeal is not addressed to the President of the Russian Federation; - the document does not contain specific facts and statements.

Step 3

Attach to the letter copies of documents confirming your case and cases of violations by officials or other officials. At the end of the text, do not forget to indicate your full passport details, residence address, contact phone number, date and signature.

Step 4

Choose how you want to submit your complaint. There are two options: legacy letter or email complaint. They are legal and absolutely equal. Any correspondence addressed to the President of the Russian Federation is compulsorily considered by the employees of the Office for Work with Citizens and Organizations. The terms for consideration of the letter are determined by law and do not depend on the form of information presentation. However, keep in mind that the electronic document will go to the presidential administration faster, therefore, the decision on your complaint will be made earlier.

Step 5

When sending a letter by traditional mail, sign the envelope correctly. In the "To" column, indicate the following address: st. Ilyinka, 23, Moscow, Russia, 103132. In the column "From whom" enter your postal address with a zip code. Your address data must match the one you gave in the letter.

Step 6

You can also send a written appeal through the regional reception of the president. Find out its address and telephone number from the regional administration, find it on the Internet or in the local telephone directory.

Step 7

An electronic complaint can be posted on the Kremlin's official website: Here you must fill out the proposed form, which involves the indication of the following information about the sender: - surname, name, patronymic; - email address; - phone number; - social status.

Step 8

Having entered all the necessary information about yourself, you will be able to send a complaint. Its volume is limited - 2000 characters, but it is quite sufficient for a detailed story about the problem. You can attach scanned versions of the required documents, as well as sound and video files to the email.

Step 9

On the website, you will be given the opportunity to receive information on the progress and results of the consideration of the complaint, as well as the choice of the method for obtaining a final answer: in writing or by e-mail.

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