How To Behave In A Detention Center

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How To Behave In A Detention Center
How To Behave In A Detention Center

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In a pre-trial detention center, or a pre-trial detention center, people who are accused and suspected of crimes are kept. A suspected person can be kept there for no more than ten days without charge. The accused is kept in a pre-trial detention center for no more than two months, but if the case is sent for further investigation, this period will increase to one and a half years. The pre-trial detention center is not the most pleasant and safe place, there are rules of conduct there, which must be followed in order to preserve your life.

How to behave in a detention center
How to behave in a detention center


Step 1

Experienced people advise listening more and speaking less in places like a detention center. But you do not need to listen especially carefully and cautiously, as inmates may suspect you have been "misdirected". Do not get involved in someone else's conversation, answer only when asked about something.

Step 2

Don't trust the people around you. All your words can be conveyed to the investigators. In general, one should speak very carefully in the jail cell. You cannot swear and use the words "goat", "rooster", "snitch". For a certain circle of people, they have a slightly different meaning. For every word, be ready to answer in front of your inmates.

Step 3

When asked what crime you are accused or suspected of committing, answer the truth, because sooner or later it will become known anyway. And for a lie, they can be punished.

Step 4

Do not play cards with inmates, in any case it will not end well. Even if you are confident in your skills, there are not ordinary people in jail and deception is more a way of life than an exception.

Step 5

Do not exchange things with inmates, the whole point of this exchange may be some kind of "setup", as a result of which you will suffer. Do not take other people's things, you can be accused of theft and punished (even killed).

Step 6

Try to maintain your dignity. Maintain hygiene and cleanliness of your belongings.

Step 7

It is better not to behave obsequiously towards the "authority". You will immediately be humiliated and will never be treated with respect. If you notice that someone is being mistreated and not being interacted with, be careful not to talk to the rejected, too, just in case. In this case, it is better not to stand out.

Step 8

If you receive a package from relatives, share it with inmates. Listen to your instinct and intuition, try to adapt to these conditions in order to be released without harm to your health.

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