How To Remember For Six Months

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How To Remember For Six Months
How To Remember For Six Months

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After the death of a person, there is a kind of obligatory rituals several times a year (the first after death) to commemorate the deceased. Of course, the deceased should be remembered in church as often as possible, not being equated to any dates, because the main thing here is prayer for the repose of the dead. However, often in the hustle and bustle of everyday days, a year after death, people simply, having gone to the grave, forget to look into the church, and many simply do not know when and how to commemorate the dead at all.

How to remember for six months
How to remember for six months


Step 1

Pray for the deceased on the morning of the day when six months have passed since the death of a loved one. This should be done at home in front of the icon, a photograph of the deceased and a pre-lit candle. Pop into the church before going to the grave. This should be done before the start of the church service. Put the donation to the church and buy a candle (required).

Step 2

Submit a note with the name of the deceased in the corresponding window of the temple, ordering a special ceremony. It is best if you order a commemoration at the proskomedia. In this case, a small particle is taken out of a special prosphora for the deceased and subsequently lowered into a special bowl with holy water as a sign of washing away his sins.

Step 3

Defend a panikhida in the church after the Liturgy, placing the purchased candle for the repose. At the same time, it is believed that prayer will be much more effective for the deceased if on the same day the one who remembers communion himself.

Step 4

Buy another candle when you leave the church in order to put it in the cemetery at the grave of the deceased.

Go to the cemetery immediately after the church service.

Step 5

Light an icon lamp or just a candle bought in a church. Set a small table with food near the grave, so that, as they say, you can eat with the deceased. According to legend, it is believed that the spirit of the deceased is in the clouds and is nearby. You should also put a few pieces of food on the grave. At the same time, it is important to observe fasts, if there are any at the time of commemoration.

Step 6

Pray for the repose of the soul of the deceased near the grave. Gather everyone who visited the grave of the deceased and invite them home to the memorial table. Food on the table should only be permitted by the church at the time of commemoration (fasting is fast, and also depending on the day of the week on which the commemoration takes place).

Step 7

It is necessary to perform a litiya before a meal. A layman can do this by reading a prayer accordingly.

Serve first, before the people start their meal, kutya (porridge) made from wheat or rice with raisins and honey.

Step 8

Start your meal, each time remembering the good deeds and deeds of the deceased. It is from here that the name "Wake" came from - it means to remember.

Attention! Remembering the deceased, one should refrain from alcohol even if the deceased himself liked to drink.

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