How To Find A Person By Name

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How To Find A Person By Name
How To Find A Person By Name

With the help of modern technologies, it is not so difficult to find a person by name (or rather, by full name). Sometimes the surname of the wanted person is enough for the search to be crowned with success.

How to find a person by name
How to find a person by name


Step 1

Contact one of the Internet search databases, indicate the full name of the person you are looking for. Search sites can provide paid (, and free services (

Step 2

Register on social networks (,, etc.). Enter the name of the wanted person in the search field and find him. If his name and surname are not very common, then it will be easy to find him. It's another matter when the only known data is duplicated thousands of times in search results. Although if you really need this person, over time you will be able to find him

Step 3

Contact one of the private detective agencies to establish the whereabouts of this person. Of course, such services are not cheap, but if you have sufficient funds, then private detectives will certainly help you.

Step 4

Refer to one of the sites that are engaged in restoring the family tree of surnames (,, etc.). Place an order to find the person you need. Specialists working with the administration of these sites can do the job for you to find a person by just one last name. Please note: these services are not much cheaper than the services of private detectives

Step 5

Place advertisements on the Internet and other media that you are looking for this person. Indicate the phone number by which he or people who know him will be able to contact you. Be careful not to include your address and full name (only last name and initials). Also unsafe and possible offers received by phone for help in finding a person for a fee.

Step 6

Go to the site "Wait for me". Of course, this resource provides information mainly to people looking for missing relatives. But if you compose your request correctly, then you will be helped in your search.

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