How To Write Jokes For KVN

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How To Write Jokes For KVN
How To Write Jokes For KVN

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In almost every school or university, among the amateur circles, you can find the Cheerful and Resourceful Club. This club has gained widespread popularity. This phenomenon is not surprising, because it is with its help that you can spend your leisure time in an interesting way. In order to become a member of the KVN team, you must be able to write jokes. So how do you write jokes for KVN?

How to write jokes for KVN
How to write jokes for KVN

It is necessary

Paper, pen, team


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To write jokes, you need to have not only a sense of humor, but also some experience, so as not to write "button accordions". You can write in different ways. For example, a team chooses several authors who will write jokes, but other team members will perform on stage. This method has its minus and plus. The plus lies in the division of labor, that is, while the authors write jokes, the rest are free. However, there is also a disadvantage. The author puts into his joke a special meaning that only he can truly convey. But when you participate in KVN, you need to understand that a lot depends on the intonation with which the joke will be uttered.

Step 2

It is highly recommended before the performance, or better immediately after writing a joke, to check it for plagiarism using the Internet in order to protect yourself from embarrassment at the performance. Usually, before the performance itself, general runs are held, at which experienced representatives of the KVN movement are present, who can point to button accordions or uninteresting jokes. One, just before the speech, check your jokes by entering part of their text into a search engine. This will be additional insurance.

Step 3

There are many different methods for writing jokes. It is worth noting that in no case should you try to use other jokes to write a new one. It will be plagiarism, even if hidden. It is also highly discouraged to read or listen to other teams' jokes before writing, since then you simply will not notice how you use someone else's technique or joke in your work.

Step 4

One of the most common joke writing techniques is brainstorming. It is performed by the whole team. Everyone sits down at a table with pens and sheets of paper. Within five to ten minutes, everyone writes what they think is funny or unusual. After the specified time has elapsed, the sheets are transferred in a circle. The next person reads what a friend wrote and finalizes the joke, that is, either writes it in his own words or adds the missing text. So you can pass the leaves around as many times as you like. However, you must not overdo it, otherwise the jokes will be too loaded with information.

Step 5

The most common question when writing jokes is what to write about? Anything, anything that comes to your mind. At the same time, you need to try to make the meaning of the joke clear to as many people as possible. Also, do not come up with specific jokes or jokes with a hidden meaning. You can go for a little trick. Teams usually know roughly what kind of audience they will have to perform in. Therefore, you can write jokes based on this. Brainstorming can be modified. For example, assign a topic to write jokes on. Or ask everyone to write any theses or funny situations, which they then put together and discuss with the whole team.

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