Alina Bulynko: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

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Alina Bulynko: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life
Alina Bulynko: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

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Alina Bulynko is a young Russian actress whose career began with the popular comedy Love-Carrot-2. Currently, she rarely appears on the screen, because she is receiving an education, but, perhaps, she will return to the cinema very soon.

Alina Bulynko: biography, creativity, career, personal life
Alina Bulynko: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Early biography

Alina Bulynko was born in 1997 in Moscow. She studied at a school with a focus on learning foreign languages. One of the girl's first hobbies was ballet, which allowed her to achieve a slender figure and stubborn character. Cinema representatives drew attention to her, and in 2004 Alina starred in episodic roles in the films "Apocrypha: Music for Peter and Paul" and "The Case of Dead Souls", and then she played in the films "Thumbelina" and "Olya + Kolya", but this was again a small contribution to the projects: the name of the aspiring actress did not even appear in the credits.

A real leap in Alina Bulynko's career took place in 2008: two films with her participation were released at once, and this time the young actress was entrusted with one of the main roles. These were the pictures "And yet I love …" and "Love-carrot-2". In the first, she played with the famous Vera Alentova, and in the second, with the artists of the Russian stage Gosha Kutsenko and Kristina Orbakaite. The audience liked the family comedy with an uncomplicated plot, and Bulynko gained all-Russian fame, unexpected for herself. Two years later, she returned to her role in the third part of the film.

Further career and personal life

The next high-profile project with the participation of Alina Bulynko was the New Year's film almanac "Yolki". She played the role of an orphan from a Kaliningrad orphanage, playing in a duet with Sergei Pokhodaev. In 2016, the already matured actors appeared in the fifth part of the picture, which is traditionally released on New Year's Eve. Other famous films with Alina Bulynko's participation include the melodramas "Blue Nights" and "Crazy Angel", the crime tape "Steal from …", as well as the series "The Son of the Father of Nations".

At the moment, "Yolki-5" is the last film in which the young actress starred. The pause in her career was caused by an important stage in the girl's life - graduating from school and getting an education at a university. She did not attempt to pass tests in theater universities and chose the Russian State Humanitarian University for herself, enrolling there in the direction of psychology. The girl speaks ambiguously about her future career: at the moment she likes the chosen specialty, and she does not show any desire to return to creativity, although such an opportunity is not excluded.

In the same way, nothing is known about Alina Bulynko's personal life. The girl prefers to lead a modest and inconspicuous lifestyle, rarely talking about herself. Some time ago, she was credited with a relationship with a young actor Denis Paramonov, but the information was not confirmed. Now Alina does not have a young man, and her heart is free.

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